Warts and smear test

Hi everyone,

I’ve been feeling extremely anxious for the last day. I’ve just received the letter in the post inviting me back for a smear test

I had a smear test which came back positive for hpv but no abnormal cells two years ago.
Then last year, I had another smear which came back positive with low dyskaryosis. A colposcopy had shown mild changes but no CIN.

I’m now feeling worried about this smear as I have also noticed a small wart near my anus. I’ve had cryotherapy at a GUM, which removed all the warts except this one.
Will having this wart definitely give me a positive smear test.
As I’ll now be starting the wart cream, should I wait till this has cleared up to have my smear test?

I’ve booked a test in for 2 weeks time.