Hi All

After a few borderline smears towards the end of 2007, I was referred for a colopscopy at my local hospital. My consultant said that I had a very small area of abnormal cells, that they looked like my immune system seemed to be fighting them off, and took a biopsy. He said that I would need to come back at 6, 12 and 24 months before returning to the regular screening cycle. Being 29 I just put the abnormal cells down, to changes after having my son in April 2007, I was wrong.

However, my biopsy results returned and showed that in the small area I had severe CIII and also a small amount of microinvasive cancer. He then performed a loop under local, and all the affected area was removed. I have since had a smeer since and it came back negative, Im due back again in the next two months.

I want to do something to help raise awareness in the area but dont know how I go about doing this. When I went for my colopscopy, I was 5th on the list, and 2 of them before me didnt turn up.

Any ideas would be greatly received - I feel I want to get active. Im telling all my girlfriends, and mums I meet at playgroups the importance of screening, but I feel I can do more



Hi honey…
I did a charity parachute jump last year for Jo’s and when I did Pam, (who used to be in charge) sent me some Jo’s Trust posters…I took them to my surgery and ased them to put them up in the waiting room…its a start…
I also did an article in my local paper…during cervical cancer awareness week…which we’ve just missed…but with the 10th anniversary of Jo’s Trust coming up this year it may be an idea to tell your story and make your point about smear testing there…?? that any good to you honey??? x x