Just a quick hi to say hope you are all organising your walks/runs.

There should be some new areas posted over the next few weeks so keep your eyes open on the link.

If you want to organise something in your area just email sue@jotrust.co.uk and she will get your event posted on the website.


Hi Elaine

Thanks for your post. If anyone would like to organise a walk in their area that would be great. It doesn’t have to be a big affair; even if it turns out to be 10 family and friends who gather for a walk and a pub lunch at the end of it!

Some people are walking around their local park, others are walking along a stretch of canal or beach and I believe some people are organising a walk along The Thames. Whatever you manage to do would be much appreciated and if we can raise a few pounds that would be fantastic.

If you don’t want to organise a walk you could participate in one and it would be a great way to meet people on the forum local to you. If we can bring Jo’s Trust to the attention of a few women with pre-cancer or cancer of the cervix that did not know Jo’s Trust existed, it would make it very worthwhile.

Please contact sue@jotrust.co.uk if you would like an information pack with posters, sponsor forms and guidelines. We are having some balloons printed with Jo’s Trust logo and website address which we will distribute nearer the time.

Best wishes to you all,