Walk for Fun update

Hello everyone

I thought I would let you know that we have so far raised £50 towards the Walk for Fun.

‘Walk for Fun’ will raise awareness about cervical cancer and funds for a research project dedicated to those who have lost their fight to cervical cancer.

If you would like to make a donation please visit http://www.jotrust.co.uk/events/walk_for_fun.cfm and click on the donation button. You will need a credit or debit card to make a payment. Your support is vital so please consider a donation, no matter now small.

On behalf of Pamela and Jo’s Trust we thank you so much for your generosity in helping us continue our fight against cervical cancer.

Best wishes to you all


Hiya Sue, just to let you know ive hit the 700 mark im so thrilled and wanted to thank everyone who has donated every little helps!!! im aiming for a thousand pound… A work colleage of my husband gave a hundred pound because his daughter has just had the vaccine he was thrilled when we told him its because of Jos trust and everyones hard work that made that possible!! :smiley:

Keep up the good work everyone love as always kaz xxxxx :wink:

Hiya Sue and all the other guys and gals,

Just thought I would piggyback this post so I can say a big THANK YOU to those ladies from Jo’s Trust who have sponsored my BUPA 10,000 run in May. You are all going through so much but still have sponsored me and I will be carrying each of you when I compete in 3 months. I also hope to take part in the Walk for Jo’s, although I can’t fundraise separately for that (I think people will tell me to jump if I hassle for more money!) but I hope that the money I have raised in doing this BUPA thing will also count for the Walk for Jo’s also.

I am just shy of £350 off my final target of £2,500 and wanted to take this opportunity to say a massive thanks and send lots of hugs to all the people involved with Jo’s who supported me when I needed you. You are all amazing and I can’t thank you enough. It means the world that I can give something back now.

Much love to you all, you’re so brave.

Lots of love
Laura xxxx

Dear Kaz and Laura

You guys are AMAZING!!! Well done to you both. Give yourselves a pat on the back, as you deserve it. Your hard work and ingenuity has raised an incredible amount for Jo’s.

‘Walk for Fun’ donations will, in part, fund a research project dedicated to those who have lost their fight to cervical cancer. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if cervical cancer could be eradicated?

Funds will also be used to continue to raise awareness of pre-cancer and cancer of the cervix, as well as help us to continue operating our website and medical panel.

Thank you so much to all of you that do these things for Jo’s. Every little helps and we value the pennies as well as the pounds.

Take care everyone,