Walk For Fun - All over the UK


I just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who is supporting the walk for fun, either by organising one, turning up at one, or just walking round the block on the 27th April…

When I first decided to try and organise it (with all the help and support from Sue etc at Jos), I never expected so many people to get behind the event. I cant believe we are almost at £4,000 already in donations and there will be so much more to come in from sponsors etc… ITS FAB!!!

What a co-incidence that it falls on cervical screening awareness week too.

Anyway, thank you thank you thank you thank you to everyone … How spooky will it be on the 27th to know that we will all be at it (ooh er) together…

It could bring a tear to my eye.


PS Still got some spaces for the Roundhay event if anyone wants to come along, we are at 60+ so far…

Hi everyone,

Well said Elaine! A huge thank you to anyone organising a walk, participating, donating, raising awareness, doing radio and TV interviews, handing out leaflets or just telling your friends and family about Jo’s Trust. If there are any other women out there suffering alone we want to find them to welcome them into the very special community that you have all created here at Jo’s Trust.

The warmth and support given from everyone to everyone is truly amazing and strong bonds and lifelong friends have been formed.

Pre-cancer and cervical cancer will not be swept under the carpet or remain a taboo subject. With your help we will continue to keep it in the spotlight to educate the unaware and support those that make contact with Jo’s.

A million thanks to you all; Jo’s Trust would not be able to do all these things without you.

Best wishes


Hi Elaine, i hope your well hun it will be lovley to think were all walking for Jos next sunday…Im getting a little nervous incase no-one turns up :cry:oh well even if its me and the family thats all that counts.
Im sure that wont be the case…wow 60 plus thats great well done to you and Debs.

The hard bit starts thejn trying to collect the cash lol…anyway I hope the sun shines on us all…i will pray for it, speak soon love as always kaz xxxx

P.s thanks for the parcel sue :wink: x

Does anyone fancy joining us on Sunday at Roundhay Park, Leeds for our walk around the park.

It starts on the path behind the cricket club. (look out for the balloon arch at the top of the hill).

It would be fantastic to have some other Jos girls there. Hope to hear from you