Walk for Fun 2009

Hello girls (and boys),

I hope despite the circumstances you are all well. I havent posted on here for a long time, largely due to the fact that I don’t feel like I deserve to having only had a scae but I do check on everyone and I was VERY sorry to hear of the loss of Tracey. Made me very sad.

I am thinking of organising a Walk for Fun even in my hometown. I was wondering if people could explain the entry fees to me etc and if I need to pay them if I am organising my own. Furthermore, who do I send the cheque to?


Love to you all
Katie xxxxxxxx


Thats fab that you want to organise a walk for Fun.

If you click on the yellow logo to the right of this page and complete the details.

You will be sent posters/sponsor forms etc and your event will be listed on this site. The entry fees can then be donated on-line or by sending a cheque to Jos Trust. (I will give you the address if needs be) or people could make them payable to Jos Trust and send them to you to collate and send in bulk directly to Jos closer to the event.

By organising a walk, you will be the main contact in your area - unless you just want to walk with friends/family and dont want to open it up

Please feel free to pm me or ask anything else.