Walk For Fun 2009

Hi was just wondering if there were plans for continuing the Walk For Fun this year? It was great last year and would love to do it again.

Tessa x


Yes there is.

It looks like it will possibly be September 13th this year and a big “Lets Meet” and 10 year annivrsary party on the 12th in London.

Keep you posted.


we will all be there


I would love to join in raising money and awareness…how i do i make sure i can be apart of this??

I got diagnosed last August, had a radical hystorectomy and thankfully i’m clear…still having check up’s regulary. Couldn’t believe the news last August as i am only 27…i had never heard of cervical cancer…i am just thankful for having my gorgeous daughter when i did… :smiley:

There’s info here about what you can do http://www.jotrust.co.uk/events/index.cfm

Jo’s is also a charity on ebay so you can raise money by selling stuff - I sell awareness charms and things.

We have the rally on 18 March too so come along to that.

There’s always things coming up too so keep an eye out and if you are interested in doing media things speak to Robert Music who is the director here and he’ll be delighted to hear from you.


hi, I’d like to join the Walk for Fun. I’ve only just joineed this web site and still finding my way around. How do I find info on how to join the walk.

I’m 29 and got diagnosed last August and had 6 weeks chemo and 6 weeks chemo-raidotherapy. waiting for my scan in 3 weeks to see if it’s worked xx

Hey Jenny,

Welcome to Jo’s. The Walk For Fun isn’t until September this year and there will be details closer to the time. There isn’t just one walk though, there are lots of them all over the country all at the same time to allow as many people as possible to be able to take part in one.

Nearer the time you can find a local walk to join or even plan your own one but there will definitly be details on the website so just keep checking in on the ‘Events’ page.

Where are you based as we are having a rally next week in Parliament Square campaigning for the age of smear tests to be lowered and it would be great if you could join us…we’re rounding up as many people as possible. There is also a fashion show happening in April in aid of Jo’s Trust (details are on the events page) which you can take part in or go to. Or just read through the posts and see what everyone is up to and going through.

Hope everything goes well for you…feel free to message me with any questions at anytime.

Tessa xx

thanks, will definitely keep an eye out for the walks later in the year. I emailed to see if they’re still looking for models for the fashion show, so might be joining in with that, sounds like fun.

What day/time is the rally nxt week? Have only just started back at work after treatment so not sure i can have time off but will definitley make it if i can because it’s a really important issue and i feel strongly about it too.

thanks for getting back to me. jenny x

Ooo Im defo up for a walk sumwhere near me!! I’ll keep a look out x