Waitng on results, in pain!!

Hi all, had my second smear of my life on the 9th Feb - abnormal cells at severe level and had my colposcopy on the 25th. not had a lot of bleeding since just murky looking discharge but been having severe pain in mostly my upper stomach has anyone else experienced this? It gets worse as the day goes on, normally home from work curled up in a ball in bed with a hot water bottle by 6pm not the best thing when your a single mum to a 3yr old!

Trying not to think about the results! =)


hi I'm the same I had my lletz treatKent the 23rd .

 I'm actually on antibiotics for an infection at the moment but my pain seems to be getting worse I can't literally concentrate due to the pain . Single mom to a 5 year old  I feel your pain ! X 

Thanks for replying, i havent had any treatment yet just a biopsy.

I know the feeling, trying to get through work without getting shouted at for a million mistakes is my daily goal! x

Hi Charley, another single mum of a 3 year old here, I know how hard it is when you're feeling so unwell. I wanted to reply because I think you should go to your GP about the abdominal pain. There are a lot of things which could be causing the pain and it's unlikely to be anything serious. If you can, keep a diary of when you get the pain, where it is, and how severe it is and take that with you when you talk to your GP (4 or 5 days should be long enough if you can get an appointment next week). Don't just sit at home worrying, if you have other symptoms you should still see the Dr, as they might be able to help you! Take care of yourself, hugs xxx

Thank you amy333 i will do that, hopefully its nothing to worry about!

Charley xx

Got my results today CIN3 what does that even mean?

Got to go on Thursday for treatment, makes me worry as a phone call today and quick appointment time!

What does this mean? Im scared! xx

CIN3 just means the results match up with the results of your smear that it is high grade (Mine was the same)! I had my LLETZ last Thursday and so far feel fine... it wasn't how I would like to spend 20 minutes of my life but you'll be fine honestly!!!! They moved my appointment forward by a week simply because they had a few spaces to fill up where people had cancelled. I wouldn't worry about the 'quick' appointment ... less time to worry and get worked up. :) xxx

Thank you Stacey, were you awake through the procedure? what happens afterwards? xx


I had my LLETZ at the same time as my colposcopy appointment. I had it under local anaesthetic which was the worse bit it stung - similar to if you have ever had a LA at the dentist but obviously in an awkward place! The nurses were really lovely and calmed me down as I got a bit emotional as i was scared what else they would find. afterwards I asked if they had found anything sinister - they said no not at all. they told me to go home rest and stop worrying. The first night I had stomach cramps like period pains but as of yet no bleeding or anything. got 4 weeks to wait now for the results which should hopefully say all abnormal cells removed - smear test to be booked in 6 months. The waiting is by far the worse bit. :)

I have been told i will be put to sleep because they have to take a large area out. Thank you for telling me your experiences, im still scared but as there is nothing i can do im going to keep busy! I think its all the rushing me through which makes me more nervous, obviously im happy with my treatment from hospital but its still worrying, like they know something is wrong!

My fingers are crossed your results come back okay! =)


Had LLETZ treatment in hospital was changed from being put to sleep to having injections, felt nearly everything during, saw how much they took about the size of one of those big gobstoppers! Took him ages to stop the bleeding, my body went into shock and nurses looked worried! Have been in pain since, stomach aches pain goes up into my chest, my boobs are sore and now it hurts to go for a wee!