Hi ladies
Its my first time posting but i have been reading alot since having my colposcopy… im just curious to know how long people have waited for results and how you received them? I had the colp and lletz over 5 weeks ago after receiving high grade/severe dyskaryosis after routine smear, but heard nothing so far. i know my results are back as i rang the colp secutary and she said they were in but had to wait for the doctor to get hold of me …this was a week ago… Im going a little crazy worrying although hoping that no news means good news as the saying goes :slight_smile:

If the results are in and have been for a week... and you e still had no letter or heard from Dr I'd try chasing them up again. Give them a gentle nudge, you know? ;-) 

Hope it's good news for you. 

I've been waiting 3 weeks and 1 day so far. But last colposcopy 9 years ago I received results on 18th day. Xx

Thanks for your reply!

I had my result today stage 1a1 cancer however it was luckily removed when i went for my loop! So good and bad news i guess and not sure how im supposed to feel but i know im very lucky :)