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Ok i went to GP to see if they could log on to receive my results they had the hist report from the pathology but the receptionist then said doc would need to look at it and she would call mw which she did an hour later to say rhe report is not meant for them it has to be the gyne doc who write too me she did say from what doc looked at he could see nothing bad but he can comment or tell me anything so another anxious weekend!!!  the hospital told me gp has access to all reports so why cant they just put you at ease ahhhhg ....

Oh thats really frustrating for you- you would think they could just tell you but at least theyve said they didnt see anythin bad from what theyve seen. Fingers crossed. 

Im still waiting for results- got a letter today and totally freaked thinking my results had come and it had to be bad news as they were so early (Ive been told 6 weeks, its been 2),,, turns out it was just a copy of the letter to my gp saying what they did in the colposcopy! 

Fingers crossed for everyone waiting for results- and as its the weekend lets try and relax a little xx

It's all waiting isn't it? Wait for the appointment...... Then wait for results...... Then wait for next appointment...... Then waiting for next results....... Im now waiting for Lletz on Tuesday.

i suppose it's all making us stronger people :) 


Good luck :) 





Update on results Just rang clinic nurse was there, Confimed as Cin2 & Cin3 from biopsy took 2 x peices not clear margins so back in 6 months for a Smear and Colposcopy & HPV test if that is positive I will be having 6 month smears if not back to three years, they think they margins were prob sucessfully burnt so that maybe why its not clear but that it should have done the trick. But no C so that great news.

Good Luck allSmile 

brilliant news!! i've been ringing the clinic since 9:30 and it keeps going to voicemail, its driving me mad now! Hope my news is as good as yours :) x

Thats So annoying!!! Yeah I am glad but also slightly confused as she was convinced it was High Grade CGIN and she obviously took two biopsies which confirmed cin 1 and 2 I hate the thought of waiting 2 months but I think when they do the LLetz they burn an extra 2mm in the hope this get any other abnormal areas and that they give you the time to both heal and the body to try and fight of the HPV on its own. What was interesting is she said there would not be another treatment yet if they find more abnormailities again surley they would do another Lletz! dreading it but at least I am being watched.


well i got through this afternoon and spoke to the nurse i saw at my colposcopy, she looked at my results and said that it was good news, NO cancer was found and then i pretty much cant remember anything else that she said lol. I think they should write to me aswell but forgot to ask as i was just concentrating on those words!

i feel exactly the same about being watched, after my LLETZ they booked me in for a colposcopy and smear in september which i am glad about! strangely!

ahh i didn't realise what you've said about LLETZ and HPV but makes sense why we're both booked in for a 6 monthly check! i was told at my LLETZ that i could have another one if i needed but they don't like doing more than 2 as it can cause you to have premature babies near the end of a pregnancy so it seems they all give different advice out!

i feel very lucky tonight to have the results, it makes you re-evaluate everything!! x

Hi Rachel


Thats great news!! hurrah I am kind of thinking just get me in in four months and make sure its all gone!!!!

A good nite sleep ahead