Waiting .....

Hi Everyone,
how long did everyone have to wait for results from Lletz and biopsy? I had Lletz on 23rd December and still waiting for the results. My husband seems to think that the longer I wait the better the outcome would be because if it was serious they would contact me asap? I’m not so sure! I know it has been Christmas so things may take a little longer this time of year but I just need to know! Does anyone have any experience of waiting and the types of results they had? i.e if it was bad did you know sooner?
Thanks x


I received a phonecall exactly 2 weeks to the day from my LLETZ when I was diagnosed with CC so I agree with your husband's theory that "no news is good news"!. 

Think positive!

ps. I have been successfully treated with no trace of cancer remaining xxx

I've been waiting 7 weeks tomorrow! (Was told it would take 2-3 weeks).

I think the average is around 3-4 weeks and yes Xmas will probably make it longer unfortunately.  Hang on in there xx