I've been looking at this forum for the last two weeks (longest two weeks ever to be honest), and reading other people's stories. So where to begin. . . .

I went to the doctors March 2013 as I had been bleeding between periods for a few (ok more like 6) months. Internal exam, everything looked ok, bit concerned about how much I was bleeding, but they sent me off for a smear test. Lovely nurse at the sexual health clinic was fab, told me everything looked fine, and as I wasn't bleeding she was able to do the testLaughing. She said, not to worry it's probably something like Fibroids and to ask to see a gynaecologist. Que 5 day wait for smear test - breathe a sigh of relief as the results were clear yay!!! And so I went off for an ultrasound that showed I did indeed have a fibroid, and so began the fight with the doctor. They wanted me to have a Mirina Coil fitted, I refused as I just felt it wasn't for me, and therefore they wouldn't refer me to see a gynae!!!! So I remember throwing a strop about how if I wanted to become a man they wouldn't tell me that I couldn't see anyone about it. . . and so I got a referal and was seen in September. After a lovely chat, we discussed an enometrial ablation and hysterectomy and decided on three months worth of injections to put me into a temporary menopause.

So, the injections didn't stop the bleeding, if anything I was suddenly bleeding every day. . . Argh!!! So I went back in November only a week after starting a new job, and agreed to try the endometrial ablation, the waiting list was about 17 weeks. I left with a prescription for some sort of Progesterone in another attempt to stop the bleeding - nope that didn't work either Undecided

So that brings us up to two weeks ago, Wednesday the 23rd of April, when I went in for the very routine ablation. Pain in bum because I went in at 10am, got sent home and had to go back at 4pm. Last looked at the clock at 6:15 and woke up at 6:45 felling kinda ok and thinking that I can still have a glass of wine! Gynae tells me he'll see me back in my room. . . he comes in and asks me how I feel - fine I say and then he tells me that because he couldn't do the ablation as he's certain that he can see cancer on my cervix and has taken samples and will be in touch the following Thursday...I went home and didn't stop at one glass of wine (or even one bottle)Innocent

A long week later I am called in to sit in the ultra sound department for 35 minutes with all the expectant women, before being taken into a room to be told my blood pressure is high and that I do indeed have cancer. . .lots of long talks. . . this apparently should have been spotted by the smear, and so they will look into it. Radical Hysterectomy and all other sorts of treatments were discussed, but I need an MRI etc before they can make any descisions so I go home to wait. . . appointment is through for next Wednesday, and I continue to wait. I've gutted my house and I'm decorating my bedroom this week so that if I end up taking to my bed I atleast like where I am.

I don't know I'm fed up of Googling without knowing what I need to know, because I'm still waiting. . .dreading telling my parents, but don't want to worry then until I know what is happening. Is it wrong that I'm wondering if I need the radical hysterectomy how much weight will I lose with some bits gone? And I dread the thought of not having baths - how long before I can have a bath? I'm a bath freak, and not having a bath is the worst thing I can imagine.

Hi BayleeB

Wow, that's quite a journey you've been on so far.  The waiting is awful, at this stage you just want to know what you are facing so treatment can begin.  Fingers crossed it is at a low stage - mine was 1b1 and as there were clear margins and it wasn't in my lymph nodes I didn't need to have chemo or radiotherapy.

I lost 10 kilos in weight but most of that was down to the amount of time I was in hospital and then I had c-diff too.  Most ladies don't lose any weight.  I'm a shower gal and can't remember how long you have to wait for a bath but I know its was mentioned on this site before so someone is bound to respond to let you know.

Keeping busy is good, anything that keeps your mind occupied!  I can understand you not wanting to tell your parents yet but you need someone to talk to - Jo's is great for that and all the ladies are so friendly and supportive.  Your parents would probably want to know though but only you can judge that.  Sadly I haven't got my mum and dad any longer and I really missed having them there for me.

Once you have a treatment plan in place it feels like it is moving a bit quicker and its a relief to be getting it dealt with.

Good luck with the MRI and keep us posted.

Hugs, Cheryl,xx