Hi all I had a lletz 6 weeks ago  had high grade still waiting on results anyone else's take this long to come back as you can imagine finding it hard no answers  xx  thank u Sarah 

Sorry no advice other than I would think the longer the better x

Hi Sarah,

Sadly I am in exactly the same position. 

I had positive smear with high grade severe and within less than a week was sent for colposcopy. 

On 3 Dec 18 had colposcopy and  they did a Lletz at the same. I was told at the time appears to be CIN3 and the results would be in 3-4 weeks.  After 4 weeks I rang the hospital to be told the results are actually taking 6-8 weeks. I am finding the waiting really hard.

Yesterday I rang the hospital again (now 6 weeks), it went to voicemail so I left a message.  I am hoping I hear something soon.

I am on here all the time looking at other people's timelines..  

Thank you for your post- it is helpful to know I'm not alone.  Please let me know when you hear anything.  Hopefully you will hear soon. 

Hi thank u for  reply I'm 6 weeks today phoned yesterday they said if nothing by end of 8 weeks ring them x I was also straight in For the lletz week half later x hopefully both hear soon please let me know how it goes too x Sarah xx


The waiting is the worst. I think christmas and new year slowed everything down.


 Hi it's def the worst my brains all over the place I don't know alot about what's going on what to expect was such a Rush results from smear  straight in for lletzs   and thats it now 6 weeks on waiting xx  Sarah x