Hi all

So i had 2 biopsies on the 15th nov, was told it could be 2 - 4 weeks wait for the results but I literally am going insane!

I cant concentrate on anything at the moment, my 2 children and hubby are taking the brunt of all my worries and stress and its not fair on them

I know I should be patient but I cant, i feel like Im going mad, everytime the postman comes I am up like a shot to see if there is any news, ive rang doctors to see if they have results yet before i receive news

I want to try stay positive but I am struggling, my intial letter stated borderline to the nurse saying its a bit more than that and taking the biopsies and giving her personal opinion of "will need treatment" 

The nurses were lovely and made me feel at ease (well as much as possible with my bits on show) explained all the physical symptoms that I may experience after the biopsy but never mentioned the emotional affects

I very much feel that this can be overlooked somewhat and that you are just meant to "get on with it" as such until the results are in

Im normally quite level headed and can cope and deal with most that life throws my way but this seems to have knocked me sideways, I honestly dont know how much longer I can go on with not knowing what is wrong with my body, I literally think about it day and night, I actually feel a "little depressed" over this (and know there are others out there in a worse situation) so tell myself to snap out of it but the waiting is making me ill in itself, I dont want to go to the gp and ask for something to help me cope but am wondering if its the right thing to do for my sanity and my families.

Sorry for long post and thank you for reading (wanted these things out of my head!) 

Smear test: oct 10th 2018

Results: 16th oct 2018 - borderline changes hpv 

Colpscopy: 15th nov 2018

Results: pending........

i don’t think borderline changes are supposed to require anything major. More like the start of changes that can later lead to cancer cells. I keep trying to remind myself of the years‘ worth Of changes that occur and are detectable before cancer starts to develop and then even that they’re supposed to be able to catch before it’s far advanced. Good luck, and stressed is stressed so don’t beat yourself up. 

Waiting for my results too..had two procedures at once last week and I can't and won't relax until I get my results....

fingers crossed for us all xx

Aww fingers crossed as well, waiting is awful 

Hugs to everyone who is waiting! It really is the worst part! Hope everyone gets their results soon. Hang in there :) 

I feel you. Waiting on results as well and feel so emotional and stressed. This forum has been great though. I'm struggling a bit as well and i'm fed up hearing from the very few people i've told about it telling me not to worry and that I'll be fine. I know they mean well but makes me feel like i'm over reacting. Good luck to all of you waiting on results.❤x

I'm so happy I found these forums, as I feel like the information I got from the hopital where I had my colposcopy and LLETZ (both at the same time last Wednesday) was very much: "you may have x, y, z physical symptoms but most women find that they feel able to get on with their day to day activities and return to work straight away". I took last Thursday and Friday off work after the procedure but went back to work on Monday and was an emotional wreck! I had felt a bit low over the weekend but tried to ignore it and was rushing about with my boyfriend doing shopping and sorting things out in our house (we just bought a house and moved in earlier this month, so I don't think the stress of that along with the abnormal smear results at the same time have helped my stress levels) and I even went to the pub with my friend on Saturday night and felt OK. 

It wasn't until I got to work on Monday and thought: "I can't cope with this" and I also felt like I was getting a bit of an infection due to certain side effects I was experiencing. So I've been off again now for a couple of days. I did manage to speak to my GP over the phone who was great and who prescribed me some antibiotics for the suspected infection but she also asked me about my mental health and how I was feeling and I just burst into tears over the phone! Cry Also had a good cry to my mum and boyfriend who have been very supportive but I can empathise with those who are very anxious waiting for results! It's the unknown that is the scariest thing. I definitely feel like the staff in the hospital or the information leaflets they give you don't emphasise the emotional and psychological aspects of this treatment enough! I feel like they should encourage people to have a week off work if they feel like they're struggling with the recovery, and not imply that you'll be fine to go back straight away, because I feel like I've ended up feeling worse and feeling like a 'failure' for struggling to cope with it. 

Let's hope that we all get some positive results in the next couple of weeks. Sending lots of love and support to you all! xx

Its nice to read (but not nice to read) that people are feeling the same as me, i understand the reaction of others saying "you will be fine etc" and appreciate their kind words but also in my head im screaming at them "you dont know that for sure"

I cant keep off google as well which is wrong, i try to stick to this site as it seems to be the most informative i can find but i have wandered to others and completely freaked myself out

I asked at my gos today if they had any results but was a no so i know ots gonna be at least another potential few days of nothing, the waiting is playing havoc with me

I cry all the time then cant understand why im crying cos i dont know anything but thats why im crying, its my body i need to know 

Mental effects is definitely sonething i feel that needs to be addressed and i will never again tell someone ,," try not to worry" its impossible, its not going to happen when there is so much uncertainty with anything

Trying to keep busy with xmas shopping etc and the kids do keep me very busy but its the alone time, hubby works on london 4 on 4 off so his 4 on is when i find myself crying going over all possible scenarios in my head and i mean every possible ones, its not nice

Much love to you all and lets hope we don't wait too much longer x

I'm like all of you and waiting for my results, which will be in tomorrow. I already know it is bad and they want to do a partial hystorectomy. I'm just hoping that the results don't show it is 'worse'. The first days after the news I didn't feel anything at all and I was the one reasuring people around me that it would be ok... the last couple of days however I'm living in a constant panic mode, I spend most of my time on google, can't eat or sleep and feeling exhausted. I went in to work this morning and they send me home again because I was in no shape to deal with customers (and I honestly thought no one could see I was having a hard time). So yes, the waiting is just horrible!

I was a bit surprised to learn just how many people go throught this every day! In the past I never even stopped to think about it.... this is something that happens to other people, but not to me, right? well, guess not....

Anyway, I'm thankfull that there are websites like this, even though the people around me have no clue how to deal with this, I do feel less alone reading everyones experiences.

Good luck to everyone awaiting results!  <3

It saddens me that so many people are feeling the same way but comforting as well to know i'm not alone. I find this group so helpful and supportive as i just feel my husband and close friend i've told just seem to think everythings fine and i'm worrying too much so i've gave up even discussing how i feel with them. Good luck to everyone.x

Ok so bit of news, i actually ran out of patience and rang the hospital, the receptionist had told me my results had been posted but did i want her to read them to me over the phone (cue sick feeling in my stomach) i bit the bullet and said yes, so she said the biopsy showed no sign of cancer but cin3 so am booked in monday 10th to have them removed, to all of you waiting and worrying im not going to say dont worry cos thats all i have done, im going to say iam thinking of you all and completely understand each and everything feeling that you are going through, hang on in there or do as i did ring the hospital and just ask if they are back


Good luck all xx


Glad you found out and no more waiting. Is it lletz you're getting? That's what i had and it's a bit uncomfy but you'll do fine. I suggest you take someone with you though as any info you get you may not take in or you may just not want to do it alone. I had to as i wasn't expecting to get it and i really wish i'd knew beforehand and would have took my husband for support. Hope you feel more at ease now and that everything goes well for you.x

Hi yes i think thats what it is, as i booked the appointment on the phone they are sending me the info i need, am still a little confused though as letter stated "you will be pleased to hear the results showed no signs of cancer" but how they be sure??? Do they not re test the bits they take out?? Am i still gonna have another wait on my hands?? I dont understand!


I think if you've already had a biopsy then they may not test the cells they remove. Did they say if it was cin 2 or 3? They might do lletz to burn away the cells then do a follow up smear a few months later. If your biopsies are back with no cancer found then i'm sure you have nothing to worry about. The cells found are pre cancerous and not cancer so hopefully after lletz you'll have nothing more to worry about.

If you're not sure of anything i'd phone them up. You're entitled to know what's going on if you have questions. Hope everything goes well for you.x

The letter said cin3 which i know is the "worst" level, im just still so very worried thay something could have been missed, but think thats just me and how this whole thing has affected me, strange that juat over a month and half ago i knew nothing now my life has taken a change and its all confusing! I may well do as you suggest and ring on monday, again i still dont feel im that well imformed of all this medical talk, this place has been brill though xx

Same here. Cin 3 and not well informed at all by clinic or gp. It's all very confusing and unsettling. Hopefully if you phone them you get some answers. I've seen so many people on this forum in the same boat as us, not quite knowing what's going on and being left to worry.x

Just wanted to send weekend hugs and thoughts to every one still waiting for results,  i found the weekend the hardest for as during the week i was able to keep a little busier with school runs/work etc

Fingers crossed you all hear something next week 



Im new to all this forum stuff, but think itll just help talking to people going through the same thing! 

Im 25 and on my first smear test results showed I was HPV+ and had mild cell changes. Today I went for my colposcopy and was hoping for the “your body has cleared it see you in 3 years” i didnt get that, when she applied the solution it showed up on the screen, ironically in a heart shape, definitely no love towards it!! I had a punch biopsy but no other treatment so surely that’s a good sign? She mustn’t have been that concerned? 

How long Can I be waiting for the results? Hopefully ill get them before Christmas so I can know where I’m at.

Sorry for ranting, i just dont want my friends and family to feel like they need to share the burden with me, I play it down to them even though I’m so scared! 



Firstly rant away (although i dont see it as ranting more getting the thoughts and feelings out of your head)

I had a punch biopsy and no other treatment at the time and was told 2 to 4 week wait on biopsy results (norfolk)

I waited (very unpatiently) for 2 weeks then rang the hospital, was told results over phone that i would need treatment for cin3 

Some places seem to treat and biopsy the same day but mine didnt, so i wouldnt read too much into it, i would tell you to put it to the back of your mind and just wait out the results but who am i kidding?!?! I literally worried day and night so much so i stalked the postman waiting on my results letter, then i found this place and got my feelings out here rather than "burden" or "stress" family out with it (although they reassure me i didnt) people on here have been so kind and supportive and informative that this is now my go to place if i feel down/worried/stressed/tearful etc (cos all these feelings are normal) 

I have my treatment on 10th dec at 11am and id be lying if i said i wasnt dreading it but the good thing about all this is now i feel assured i will be watched and hopefully all will be ok in the future as things were picked up 

Good luck and keep us posted 

Smear results: borderline + hpv

Colpscopy: biopsies taken

Results: CIN3

Treatment: pending..... 10th nov 

Hi all,

Just came to say I got my results from my 2nd operation, no further treatment needed! 

Dr is happy it's been treated appropriately and no further signs of abnormalities, back in 6 months for smears.


I Hope this bit of good news help :) 

All the best xx