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Hi I don't know if  this is.the correct forum to be posting but following a gp appointment last week when he could see a suspicious area on my cervix I am awaiting an urgent referral and will be seen within 2 weeks. I had many treatments for cin3 and carcinoma in situ in m 20s. I am now 40. My main concern at the moment is how treatment will affect my youngest daughter she is 1 has severe food allergies including dairy egg wheat pulses sesame fish and has never had formula. Her main source of nutrition is still through me. Has anyone else had to stop feeding abruptly? I Hope if  it is cancer.I will be able to have it removed surgically so it should be possible to continue. I won't be able to feed if I need radio or chemo will I? I had a normal smear in Oct so surely it can't have progressed too badly in that time can it? I know I. Can only get all my answers and option after my appointment but this waiting business is melting my brain and any thoughts are much appreciated. Thank you so much for reading sorry you have to be part of this group x 

Hello there. I was still breastfeeding my wee 9 month girl up until the day I had my op. Last feed at 6:45 on the Monday morning. I made the decision just to stop, It was a difficult one as I loved feeding her. But since I was having an abdominal hysterectomy I knew I'd be in hospital for a few days, so that's what prompted my decision. But I'm fortunate my wee girl doesn't have allergies so was able to, and To be honest even with my surgery I could have continued feeding if I really wanted/needed to.  So don't stress out about that. If in the unfortunate event you did need surgery, you'd be given enough time to express enough milk to do her a couple of days while you were in hospital. And then continue to feed her when your home. But like you say it's hard not to worry and your answers will only be given at your appointment but us women like to have our minds set for all events huh :) 

Fingers crossed that all is ok for you. Update if u can. Take care 

Sparklz x