Waiting waiting and more waiting.

I had a smear in May and it came back with server dyskaryosis so was referred for colposcopy my appointment was the end of June. I attended my appointment but the Dr could not see any abnormality, he took some biopsy and said he would have my smear sample looked at again because it conflicts with what he could see during the colposcopy. Now I have waited over 7 weeks and not heard anything I have call and left messages but nobody’s is telling me anything I’m just getting so frustrated with the waiting.
How long is normal to wait for biopsy results? I was told 4/6 weeks which has now passed.

Waiting is definitely the hard part - and I definitely feel for you! 

I received my biopsy result about 5 weeks after my colposcopy appointment.

'They' always say no news is good news - and I hope this is the case with you.

keep us posted x

I called again today and managed to get a bit more information. The biopsy showed some cin 3 I will need to go for treatment but how can they treat what they can't see?