Waiting to find out MRI results and treatment plan

Hello Ladies,

Firstly sorry to those of you who spoke to me before and might have been wondering where I went.  Jo’s had a bit of a hiccup and accidentally deleted me – I’m back on the forum now but all of my recent posts and conversations have been lost. A shame (and a huge loss to literature), but what the hell, accidents happen. Rebecca says she’s closed the loophole now so it shouldn’t happen again.

I had my MRI scan yesterday and have a meeting with my Gynae- Oncologist tomorrow – hope I get a nice one. I know my treatment plan included a hysterectomy before the scan and at my age (48) I think that will still be on the cards, even if they didn’t see any more abnormalities. Just hoping that’s all I’ll have to deal with, but que sera sera.

Keep your fingers crossed for me! xxx

Great to have you back Rosehip

You make me lol in all this crap stuff:(

I looked everywhere for that quote you posted that your friend had passed onto you now i know why i couldn't find it!

It was so inspiring and true. Could you possibly post it again please?

Good luck with your appointment and hope it is whats best for you and look forward to your posts once again:)

Best wishes

Kath x

Your wish is my command - have just re-posted the list under the title 'Ki Kaha'. Let's practice our Maori tongue thing now :P

Hi Rosehip :P

Many Thanks for that x

Hope your appointment today was positive for you and you ok?

Best wishes

Kath x

GOOD LUCK! you are still very young and I am sure you will do well! hang in there and have faith