Waiting to cure HPV - waiting for LLETZ


Hi Everyone,




First off thank you for the time in reading this and also thank you for all of your personal stories and opinions. We all know how scary having a "not normal" diagnosis can be, so it is very nice to have support here.




I am trying to find stories of those who have waited to have a Leep/LLETZ and how often you get biopsies, i will have my history at the bottom.




As of now, ideally i would really like to wait to have a Leep procedure since my CIN I is most likely related to HR HPV. The first abnormal pap i had was in November 2016, so i feel most happy with re-papping every 6 months, and if my Dx does not change from LSIL and HR HPV, to just keep monitoring till it clears up. After the two year mark, I may be more willing to have a LLETZ then.




I had another smear just recently, July 2017. That was about 8 months from my initial abnormal pap. The results are exactly the same yet the doctor is suggesting another biopsy (even though I had the last in December 2016). Thoughts on not having a biopsy and just waiting? How often should you have biopsies with abnormal paps?




What are your experiences? I am trying to boost my immunity big time and I am in a committed monogamous relationship as well. Sometimes I have bleeding between periods (after sex, maybe once every four months).



In my gut, I really feel secure with waiting it out, but the push for colpop and LLETZ makes me nervous.




Thank you so much <3






-30 years old


-Last normal pap August 2014 (did not pap again until Nov 2016).


-November 2016 abnormal pap - LSIL, HPV HR Positive (negative for 16&18)


-December 2016 Colpop/Biopsy - 3 of 4 biopsies came back CIN I, the last was normal


-No treatment, immunity boosting in the interim


-July 2017 abnormal pap - LSIL, HPV HR Positive


-Next steps, doctor is suggesting another colpop/biopsy


Hi, your post didn't say if there any reason you want to wait for a lletz treatment ? For a lot of women the treatment seems to kick start the immune system to clear the virus - it didn't with me but apparently that's the case for a small percentage.