Waiting times

I'm 41 and have had two abnormal smears previously about 15 years ago , then had several yearly smears followed by the all clear. 3/4 years ago I started suffering with post coital bleeding and Irregular periods.

Had another smear and was given the all clear and things. seemed to sort themselves out.

I've had my most recent smear and have now been waiting for over 8 weeks to get the results.

I'm trying to not get paranoid and worry as I have no other symptoms other than sex can be painful at times but that may also be stress!

IsĀ  It normal to wait this long? Previously the results have been back in a couple of weeks.


I was told maximum time is 4 weeks I phoned up GP yesterday and asked if they had them as I've been waiting 6 weeks ...she told me she did they where abnormal and I have to wait for a letter from hospital worried sick at the moment . hope you get yours and they are clear xxx