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Hi just wondering what wait times people have had in Northern Ireland recently? (Northern Trust area) Been waiting 5 weeks, and doc had sent urgent referral to gynae at the same time as smear test was done. (Gynae urgent wait list currently 3 months) She asked if I had health insurance and I’d maybe want to go private to get seen quicker and she would write me a referral etc. I had booked a private gynae app but they would prefer I had smear results back before the app so it has already been rescheduled from end of last week to end of March.
Thanks for any info!

Hi there im from Northern Ireland i had my smear in Sept i gave it the 12week mark as thats what i was told for results i didnt get my results for near 20weeks i had alot an i mean alot of chasing to do to get them my doctor ended up ringing the lab an i had them within a week BUT the hosp rang me a week after i asked doctor to chase them up telling me consultant wanted to see me for a colopscopy an i started crying as id no idea why i was being sent there i hadnt got my results i was told to ring my own doctor which i did i was very distraught an then my results were explained to me which had HPV an minor changes i asked for a colopscopy app asap as the wait for my results was terrible an has caused me huge anxiety xx

Ment to say your doing right going private but if your chasing the smear then speak to your doctor an explain the situation an say you need them as soon as possible they could speed them up as its urgent you just need to get the right doctor thankfully mine was great i had another locum doctor who told me previous my results wernt on comp an to do a repeat i refused as id been waiting almost 5 months i then spoke to a doctor i trust very well who was the one chased them up for me can u imagine if i had of went an got another smear xx

Hi thanks for replying! Will give GP a ring this week and let her know the situation as she was one who recommended I go private but I also understand why the private consultant wants to see those results too! My doc is fab and usually on the ball but I know it isn’t them doing the testing so not much they can do :smiling_face_with_tear: if I had of known would have just got the smear done private too at least I would of known instead of wondering for weeks​:see_no_evil:

It’s awful all the waiting, you try not to think about it but it is impossible and nearly takes over! Glad you got sorted eventually!

Well i said the same about smear if id of known id have went private i got my colopscopy quite quick i asked for the nearest app so was in last mon i had choice to be monitored or remove cells i just had them removed as didnt want to take risk the waiting on biopsy scares me even tho consultant was reassuring im still sick with worry. But yes do ring your doctor they can ring the lab an see where the processing is at with smear etc an id say things could be swayed maybe if you distressed the urgency of it to the doctor hope you get sorted nothing ever simple sometimes xxx

Yeah I had colposcopy and lettz in 2020 during covid and had it within a week! These waiting times are crazy, the thought of going through that again! Can i ask are you northern trust or southern trust? I know theres a bit of a difference in their wait times at min!

Its a disaster they are differing yes i am southern trust so i was told 12 to 16 weeks max now 16 being the max an then when i was having my colopscopy app the consultant told me smears are hitting the 6 month mark at min for results… now i dont know if bad results are quicker or not but i mean i had minor changes an HPV so it wasnt exactly a all clear smear if you get me mine hit the 20week mark an as i said to you earlier id alot of chasing to do for it i honestly thot with it being so long it bound to be grand xx

Thats awful!! I can’t understand how it is still backlogged 3 years later when smears were still being carried out here anyway! I tried ringing gps twice today and rang for 10 mins both times no ans will try again tomo xx

Its terrible an esp if your worried was it 5weeks since you had your smear done?only thing is if you done a private smear would it be back quicker if these results are taking ages could be an option but speak to your doctor first ring them tomorrow i know there a disaster to get through too as well. Bottom line is the anxiety of it all is brutal an having to wait is adding to that worry xx

Yeah 5 weeks since I had it, and I was thinking should I just book a private one but I read that you have to wait 3 months before you can have another one for the cells to regenerate apparently?! So I would still be waiting anyway :smiling_face_with_tear: At least I can ask what the current wait times are for our area, and if it is going to be 3 months I may aswell wait on the normal gynae app which is 3 months away anyway!

Aww no way really well suppose you can just ask the waiting times etc hopefully u might get some answers tomorrow to it an i hope they can maybe speed it all up for you i know how stressful it is so i do sympathise with you about it all. Fingers crossed for you tomorrow u can get some more clarity on it let me know how you get on xx

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