Waiting time for results

I went for my first smear test over 3 months ago and am still waiting for my results. 

I phoned my doctors and they told me that I should only receive results from the lab if there is an abnormality but all of my friends and family received letters with their results. Even my mum who goes to the same doctors as me got a letter. 

Has anyone else waited this long for results or were told that they would only get a phone call from a lab if something was wrong? 


Usually you get a letter regardless of the result. So even though if there are no abnormalities I’d expect a letter. I know through this site that a lot of people have waited weeks and even months. My result was about 6-7weeks but I suppose it can depend on where you live.


My sister has just waited 10 weeks for results, they came back with HPV and low grade changes additional 2 week wait for colonoscopy. In my local area (Birmingham) we are told there is a huge back log and a wait of around 16-18 weeks for results :(

im on week 6 of waiting for mine