Waiting time for colposcapy

Hello everyone?

I would just like to know how long do you usually wait for your colposcapy letter to come? I've never had a smeer done before and I only went because my mother said things I am experiencing doesn't sound normal. The nurse said because I'm build fairly small is the reason I feel pain and the bleeding is normal but my results just said high risk Hpv and they have seen cell changes they gave no grading is that low grading then? I really don't want to do the colposcapy I am such a baby even my smeer hurt and the waiting makes me feel ill not because I'm worried but because of the test and people looking at my privates. I really wish they could have send the letter with the appointment ?. Thank you in advance ?

A couple of weeks I waited between results from smear and then the colposcopy 

all I can say is don't be worried about them looking this is their job ... they've seen many of them....(not the best analogy but think of a car mechanic- it's just another engine-they all look the same)

There was a lovely nurse to hold my hand and squeeze if I needed. It wasn't too painful at all they give you local anaesthetic and if you do feel anything you can tell them to stop and ask for my anaesthetic. 

I did feel ok afterwards. I didn't go back to work though I just had a cuppa, and rested! 

I hope everything goes ok for you

feel free to message xx 

Hi Megan, well done for going for the smear. At the colposcopy they should be able to tell you more details about the cell changes, but they may have to do biopsies or similar and test them to tell you an accurate result. 

Definitely don't feel embarrassed, it's for your own good and they do this all day every day so it's nothing they haven't seen. They make you feel very comfortable and it really isn't anything to be embarrassed about. 

I received a phone call before I got my colposcopy letter inviting me in because my cells were high grade so I was put in a 2 week wait, but luckily managed to get an appointment the next day. If they aren't trying to get you in within 2 weeks, then chances are the changes are mild/moderate, but they will tell you more when you have been seen. 

Try not to feel nervous or embarrassed, you're in good hands! 

Hi Racheal,

can I ask when you had your colposcopy and if you've had any results?

same as you I had my smear and came back high grade HPV and high grade dyskaryosis, my colposcopy was today, less that a week after my smear results, I'm anxious for the results following my lletz today and they have said results will take 3-4 weeks!


april x

Hi April, I had my colposcopy on 18th December and I had my results yesterday, so 3.5 weeks, I called to check if they were in and luckily they were and so they told me over the phone. Thankfully came back as CIN2 and clear margins so I need another smear in 6 months ??

I had my smear on 7th December, phone call with results and colposcopy needed on 17th December, had my colposcopy and lletz on 18th! So it all happened so quickly for me, which I am grateful for but also made me worry that it was bad because it moved so quickly. 

I would ring them after 2 weeks and then again at 3, 4 etc. I was ringing twice a week, the lady was really nice and told me to call whenever I wanted (so I took advantage of that ?). The first time I called was only a week later and she said you have at least another 2 week wait. I think 3 weeks is probably the soonest, so definitely call at the 3 week mark. 

until then just stay positive! I convinced myself that I would receive bad results and I didn't, most don't, but I kno we all worry that we will be one of the unlucky ones. Take comfort in knowing that this is all to prevent CC and they catch everything super early. 

wishing you all the best and if you have any questions then let me know ?

Hi Rachael,

Thank you so much for sharing your experience with me! I am so so glad you had good results! I think it's natural we all think we're going to get bad results and think we will be the unlucky ones but guess that how our mind works, I do have symptoms too which also adds to the worry but they could also be symptoms of other conditions which I'm trying to hold on to.

I will try update with my results when I get them as I always like to check and see others results! I will definitely be calling every week after 2 weeks lol!



Thank you so much! I'm glad you had good results! I'm sure now that there's nothing wrong with me and that it's probably just a check up. laughing. I'm much better now I just ignore those worrying thoughts and I don't feel so panicked which is good. Hope your next check up will have better results and that everything will be better. ?