Waiting results

On Wednesday, I had a cone biopsy and 4 biopsies of my vaginal wall.  When I went to the hospital for pre-op the paperwork said "Adenosis of vaginal wall and cervix without DES medication involvement".  Adenosis is a very rare condition and even more rare without DES involvement.  I can't find much information on this and was hoping someone on here had some information about it.  All I know right now is that it is a glandular condition that can cause clear cell adenocarcinoma.  I have an appointment on Thursday for results.  We shall see!!!  

Hello JJ  -  haven't heard of this, so it really is rare!! Hopefully after your appointment you'll be clear about it. Just wanted to reply so you know we're hoping for the best for you. 

sending you best wishes,,x



Thank you so much for responding. I appreciate it.