Waiting on trac results And future worries

Hi everyone 

I opted for a smear test last year when I was 24 and the results come back abnormal. Had a cone biopsy and the results come back with cc stage 1b1. I had my trac op 10 days ago find out results tomorrow very nervous to find out whether cancer is all clear and what is the next steps. I've always wanted children so I hope I can still have them but I seem to think is there is an urgency now to have children as quick as possible after 12 month recovery period will it help my chances of conceiving if I try earlier? I wasn't planning on kids till 30 but now I am confused what to do that's if I am in the all clear tomorrow. Really hope I am it's bern a emotional and tiring a journey so far I feel I can fight more but am tired. 

Thanks to my mum and partner for really helping me through fb is tough time I could not of this without them. My advise is to try keep positive and carry on :) that's what I am hoping to try do today and just prey my results are all clear.


Also if I am all clear and back on my feet I would like to help cancer research as the hospital docs and surgeons are great 

Wish me luck people 





Oct 2013 abnormal cells 

Nov 2013 biopsy

April 2014 cc 1b1 trac op

Fingers crossed for results xx 

I would appreciate any advise thanks xx

Hi Emma

I cant offer you any advice - my treatment was chemo/rad with surgery follow up in May, but I would like to wish you luck for tomorrow


Thanks Tracey, if you don't mind me asking what op did you have At what stage? thanks for your kind words

Hi Emma

I was diagnosed on christmas eve with stage 2b cc and the treatment was radio/chemo and brachy in Jan - Mar.  At the last Brachy the MRI scan showed that there was no tumor mass so the planned final 3rd treatment was cancelled.   The oncologist recomended the surgery as the full radio / brachy wasnt delivered.  It is planned as a standard hysterectomy and will be in May.  I have my 8 week followup scan next week and my meeting with the surgeon to confirm - so like you I have everything crossed xx

Good luck


Hi Emma I had a radical Trachelectomy and lymph node removal on 10th July... Was given the all clear just over a week later. I've got my fingers and toes crossed for you. I know exactly how you feel in regards to having children... I almost feel like I should hurry up with it as I've been given the chance. But it's not right for me yet and my consultant is quite happy for me to wait.. Less chance of reoccurance the longer I'm clear :) If you have any questions just ask :) Take Care and let us know how you get on tomorrow Em xx

Hi everyone,

So I got my results yesterday and I am so so happy as they were all clear J lympnodes are all clear and clear margins. I am just so relieved and it took a while to sink in. however the hospital have called me in next week Monday as they said they may need to do further treatment maybe radiotherapy so helps my chances of it not coming back. Has anyone else had  trac op at stage 1b1 and then had this? If so be grateful to hear your opinion as I am slightly worried what the radiotherapy will entail- will my fertility be affected and will I lose my hair?

Thanks Em & tracey your kinds words really helped. Tracey – good luck with the op I hope it goes well please let me know how you get on if you can J

Em – your story does sound really similar to mine.. if you don’t mind me asking how long did you have your cathather in ? I had mine in for days after trac op and it feels a lot when  going for a wee much slower, did you have any problems? Also I still have slight sore/bruise on one side of my vagina did you have any aches and pains after 2 weeks of your op? Also as per my response above did you have any treatment after op? Much appreciated.  



First Smear, age 24 - abnormal 01/08//2013  Lletz Procedure 11/2013 Diagnosed CC 02/2014 MRI 03/2014 Trachelectomy & Lymph Node removal 09/04/2014 ALL CLEAR!! 22/04/2014 – May need radiothr?

Hi again. Fab news on your results!!! :) I had my catheter in for 5 days post op... They removed it before I left the hospital. I didn't have any trouble afterwards but I know it's quite common to have abit... Be patient you've been messed around with, if you're really worried speak to your nurse or GP about it? I had lots of aches, pains and bruises after my op. I still get the odd twinge now and it was 9 months ago. You've had major surgery so you're going to feel abit tender. I didn't start feeling more myself until about 6 weeks afterwards and even then I was completely me that took about 3 months. Can I ask what they said about radiotherapy? Obviously they have done the trach to preserve your fertility but radiotherapy won't help with that! So why do the trach in the first place? Why did they say you needed it if you've been given the clear? I was given my all clear and then no further treatment needed. I think you should maybe get in touch with them about this? Sorry if it seems abit blunt but I don't understand it? And I want you to make sure you know it all before you have any treatment. Hope you're feeling much better now you've had your clear :) Em xx




Hi Em,  


Thanks so much for getting back to me. About the catheter our advise makes sense and like you said it is major so I am hoping I will go back to normal soon, time is a healer suppose, but I will speak with nurse next Monday when I am due to go in if this is the case.


Due to all the bank holidays the surgeon said he was unable to discuss my case and look properly into the cancer and how aggressive it is etc. Like what you’re thinking I asked that as well but he said your margins and lympnodes are clear but depending on what type they may do short session of radio (which maybe localised which I believe may not affect my fertility) I am slightly confused to be honest with you but I am also happy I am clear. My surgeon said to me they are considering it for an extra thing so it less likely to come back. However I will definitely question them when I discuss next Monday. Obviously I want my fertility so I will double check  the decision but also don’t want it to come back! So I am still quite anxious to hear what they say but the impression I got is that if I do need it, it will not be a full course and hopefully will not affect my fertility.


My partner has been really good throughout this but I am worried sex will hurt after, suppose I will cross this bridge when get to it but I am worried I wont enjoy it too. I have heard stories that it changes sex drives. I know this is really personal so please don’t feel like you have to tell me but appreciate your advise or pm me if you don’t mind that is.


If anyone has had radiothrp after trac op please let me know so I can have more clarity, much appreciated.


Emma xx


First Smear, age 24 - abnormal 01/08//2013 Lletcz Procedure 11/2013 Diagnosed CC 02/2014 MRI 03/2014 Trachelectomy & Lymph Node removal 09/04/2014 ALL CLEAR!! 22/04/2014 – May need radiothr?