Waiting on Smear Test Results

I am hesitant to write this and apologize if it’s nonsence and drags on. 

Monday I visited my OB/GYN as it has been over a year since my last check up and I have been experiencing some very troubling symptoms. 

Medical backstory, I was diagnosed with endometriosis in 2013 and metastatic thyroid cancer in 2017, so I’m very in tune with my body and it’s changes. 

I have been on oral contraception since October of 2017 to help manage the endo symptoms. Unfortunately they have done very little and seem to not be working at all. I have noticed the last 4-5 months changes in my discharge. Where there was previously very little, there is now loads of it. Always thick and pale - no odor. I also have been bleeding, randomly multiple times a month and with intercourse which has also become increasingly  painful. I have an incredible amount of pressure and fullness in my pelvis/lower abdomin and constantly feel like there is pressure on my bladder, as well as terrible lower back pain, like back labor pains and it radiates down into my hips. I feel like I’m delivering a baby elephant.  Not to mention my migraines have increased to 4 or more a month. 

When I saw my doctor he let me know he wanted to do another excision surgery for the endo, as it’s been 6 years. I also have a family history of uterine and cervical cancer. He did my smear test as well as a physical exam. He asked some questions about the pain/pressure  and how long it’s been going on. He looked puzzled and said there is definitely something going on. Additionally, I had a lot of discomfort and light spotting after my exam on Monday. 

So here I am, I’ve never waited more than 24 hours for test results from a smear (always normal) and I’ve heard nothing. I’m incredibly concerned, especially having had cancer in the past, my mind is racing. 

Any advice? 

Hi, I’ve never been on here before but wanted to let you know your not alone... all your symptoms sound exactly like my symptoms, the pain and pressure especially lower back pain, but my legs really hurt a lot too... I had my smear last week and I’m still waiting to hear back.. don’t have any previous illness just up until 5 months ago something suddenly felt wrong. My smear is late by two years due to pregnancies but I’ve felt absolutely felt fine up until 5 months ago.. I’m not sure what’s worse the waiting or the constant ache and pulling pressure pain in my pelvis right now :( x hope your okay and your results are speedily sent x 

Hiya..im also nearly 2 years late having my smear..due to adopting 3 beautiful children and being very busy ( i know its no excuse ). The last 2 months i have had irregular bleeding and some lower back pain. Went for smear yesterday and found some granulation on cervix so have been referred for a colcoscopy. Just feeling so scared at the thought of my children having to grow up without me. I hope all is okay with you.