Waiting on results

So fed up today just phoned the hospital for results it has only been two weeks but I was so hopeful they would be there and they wasn’t I know it can take up to six weeks But just so annoyed that it takes this long how do they expect people to wait this long rant over lol I have been ok up until now I just want to know ! Having a dwn day x

Hi Kate, I know the feeling and sorry you are having a down day. Mine was 3 weeks Monday coming. I have phoned this week and said they are only getting in the beginning of April results mine was not ready.  I go abroad next week so was hoping g to have before I go. Try to not think to much xxx

Hi Hayles1548

thankyoubfor your reply I have been enjoying the weather and going out and then I sit and think it could all change and it like I try to prepare myself and not let myself become to happy just in case silly I know x I hope yours come back soon xx 

Hi Kate

I know how you feel I'm waiting for my biopsy results it's been two weeks Saturday and still nothing.  I take it that's a good thing that I haven't heard anything as I'm sure they would phone me if it's urgent.

Just keep being persistent with them and keep ringing.

Hope you hear soon!!

Melissa xx

Hi Kate

I'm  only on day 4 and its making me so miserable.

Every day I've woke up with this heavy pain in my chest filled with anxiety, I cant sleep or eat as I just feel sick (on the plus side I've lost 7lbs in 6 days ) !!

I just want to feel normal again , nothing makes me smile I just feel totally miserable.

wishing us all speedy , positive results very soon 

Mel xx


Thankyou Melissa and Mel thankyou for you messages it really helps to talk to others going through the sane thing. Mel I think I've been the opersite I have eaten so much crap choclate and everything in site woops x