Waiting on results

Two years ago I had mild changes

Now it’s high grade changes so had a colposcopy and loop biopsy and awaiting results.

I’m in a state,
I have all the risk factors and have convinced myself I have cancer.
4 weeks I was told it would take, it’s really stressful waiting.

It's awful waiting and I understand it's the worst part, try not to think the worst, most person have cin 3 and 9 times out of 10 the loop biopsy gets rid of the cells xx

Hey Greenrobin,

Obviously we are all different, but your story sounds similar to mine. I had borderline changes a few years back, which appeared to resolve at my follow up smear. I should have had a smear the year after but for various pretty dumb reasons skipped it. Anyway I was petrified but   only had CIN3 which hopefully is now all gone.

It seems they missed a spot in my first LLETZ so was lucky enough to have 2 shots at LLETZ. Anyway both times I called up exactly 2 weeks to the dot and was lucky enough to have the letter read to me over the phone saving me a whole heap of anxiety. I would HIGHLY recommend it for your sanity. Ask for your consultants secretary, say you are v anxious, possibly make up a mysterious trip abroad etc and hopefully they may take pity on you. I understand the labs usually send the results back within 10 days so it is just a question of your consultant having the time to look at them and dictate a letter for your ongoing care/ discharge. Obviously that will depend hugely on workload which is why they quote 4-6 weeks.

It is extremely unlikely to be cancer in such a short space of time. I totally convinced myself I had heaps of symptoms (including the classic post coital bleeding which I never had before) but it all turned out ok for me. 

I have everything crossed for you for swift and positive news! Hope you are recovering from your LLETZ ok, am so fed up of spending my boots points on always ultra! 

Big hugs


Hi Greenrobin,

I know exactly how you feel and it is so hard.  I too am waiting for results (post Lletz 8 days ago) and am getting myself in a right state!

I previously had 4 normal smears and have never missed one so was really shocked to receive the results of my 5th smear saying that I had borderline changes and high risk HPV!  I also received a colposcopy appt in the same letter for 6 weeks later.  I attended the appt and the nurse said yes, borderline changes but took 2 punch biopsy's and I then received those results just under 4 weeks later with a further appt just 5 days after that for Lletz treatment as the biopsy had come back as CIN 3 (which was a real shock considering I had been told borderline changes!) - so now I am waiting again for the results of that.

I justed wanted to post to say hey! And let you know that you are not alone, the waiting is truly awful and nothing anyone says makes it easier but I guess we are all in the best hands and are being treated as necessary. 

When are you expecting your results?


Thank you all for your messages, it means a lot. I have three weeks left to wait as I'm only 7 days post. 

I think me being a A&E nurse doesn't help, I see bad news all the time. 

im feeling really anxious and I'm not sleeping, I have been signed off work for 2 weeks with a pelvic infection and being at home gives me time to imagine the worst. 


If they suspected cancer results would be pushed through for 2 weeks I think xx