Waiting on results

Hi all, 

Not sure if anyone here remembers me but I had stage 2b treated in 2015 with chemo, radio and brachy. A couple of months ago I had an operation and an MRI scan post op has shown lymph nodes present in two different areas. I had a PET scan yesterday and am now waiting on results. 

I am terrified. In my head it’s the worst. I’m not sure I can deal with it all again. Plus not long started a new job so really worried about sick pay. 

Not sure why I’m posting but I guess you ladies are the only ones who understand. 


What was the operation for? I'm wondering if the lymph nodes could be reacting as a result of the surgery or infection? 

I had my appendix out. Some lymph nodes are showing near there but the others are in a totally different place. 

What do you mean exactly by lymph nodes  present? It's perfectly normal to have lymph nodes. Do you mean they are enlarged? PET can light up from both inflammation and cancer so the results might still be inconclusive especially as you have had a recent inflammatory condition. It's a tricky position you are in. We all hate waiting for PETs. Thankfully they are usually quick.

Are both areas in the pelvis? That will make a difference to treatment if anything bad is found. I am hopeful that it's not. Good luck!

Karen x 


Yes I presume they are enlarged. I’m trying to stay away from Google! They showed up on the MRI scan. Had a PET scan and now waiting to hear back. 

Other area is in a totally different place.

Only the results will tell. Fingers crossed its an inflammatory  response.  Do you know when you will hear?

They can be enlarged for so many reasons. The fact that you've just had your appendix out would cause your lymphatic system to react, any virus, my consultant said even a scratch can cause the lymph nodes to swell when I had one in my groin. Hopefully it's nothing and you can be reassured soon. Horrible having to go through all these checks all the time x

Thanks. Still waiting. My anxiety is through the roof. 

Did they say how you would be contacted with the results? Mine usually go to MDT but they have given me the heads up on the phone before MDT sometimes. Worth ringing to ask if the result is back?

I am so sorry about your anxiety levels, it's so understandable and I totally hear you.

Karen x 

I called yesterday and it was being discussed at MDT yesterday. I should get a call today. I feel sick. I just don’t know what I’m going to do. 

Don't panic about going to MDT. I had an NED scan recently, but it still went to MDT so that everyone agreed that nothing could be found.

It's so horrible waiting. I hope you hear soon.

Karen x 


Try not to worry, I had suspicious lymph nodes in my neck, after more tests it turns out they were enlarged due to a sore throat I had :) 

Did you get your results Sweetpea?