Waiting on punch biopsy results

Hey ladies,

Currently been waiting 5 weeks for punch biopsy results. I’ve seen a couple of other people on here say they rang the clinic to get their results sooner. Is this worth doing? Getting mixed information online, varying from should get the results within 4 weeks, while other info says 8 weeks.



If you’ve got a nice GP they might tell you too or check you nhs app or hospital portal. Hospital dept will prob tell you too if you ring although you may not get through to a nurse or someone who is able to tell you. Worth a try it’s awful waiting around!
Hope you find out soon x

I can’t access the app or portal as I’m in Wales. I can give the GP a call though & see if they have received my results, thanks! I’ve tried calling the clinic several times but no one answers. Fingers crossed I won’t be waiting too much longer! x

Oh no that’s a shame, with the GP you might need a dr or nurse to access the hospital records/speak to you, so I’d ask if you can check if your results are back first if receptionist says there not ask if it’s possible for a nurse or dr to check on their system and do a telephone appointment. I know my drs surgery well as my mum in law works there and my lletzs results were done on the hospital system only a week after I had them done! the nurse at gp check for me. But 4 weeks later I’m still awaiting my official letter, they’ve gone to mdt meeting about it. I think they can request more checks to be done too like lletz gets chopped into four sections and they can request more levels to be checked so it’s chopped up again. I think small biopsy’s will be small enough to be fully checked tho so you shouldn’t have to wait for that. You may have to wait for them to discuss it at an mdt meeting though if there if anything that doesn’t add up from what they initially thought. X

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Thanks so much! I managed to get through to the colposcopy clinic & she had my results! She said ‘CIN1 at most - mild changed to the surface cells in next of womb. No treatment required. Discharged to GP for smears repeated every year to monitor’. Should receive the letter in the next couple of days. Wooo I’m so happy!!! Thanks again!

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Ahh that’s great news! I’m glad you managed to find out it’s so annoying that we’re made to wait prob left in a large pile of others awaiting results x