Waiting on Lletz results

Hi all :)


So a few weeks ago I went for my first smear at 28 - I know I wish I had gone before!

i got a phone call from my GP around 2 weeks later, which panicked me because the nurse who did the smear never said i would get a call, anyway she said there was abnormal cells and I need a colposcopy, so would send my details on and I will get an appointment. 

my appointment for the colposcopy was yesterday. The Gynaecoligist explained what she would do, she said she will be taking a biopsy, also said she would take one from the neck of my womb also. As the results were glandular abnormalities. She though the reason may be because I don't have periods - I have PCOS too.

anyway she got on with it, she gave me 2 lots of anesthetic, and began removone some of the cervix for the biopsy, however it was absolute agony :( I thought it must be normal.

afterwards she took me back into the consulting room, and got straight to the point, she said what she had seen is far from normal - I said could it be Cancer and she said 'I think It might be yes'  She also said it hasn't spread ( which I suppose is good) I asked a few more questions and left Absolutely horrified. I can't get rid of her face when she was telling me she almost looked like she was going to cry. She said it definitely wasn't to do with the womb lining as there was nothing to take away. She said she may have removed everything with the biopsy, but didn't seme very convincing. She said she may see me in the colposcopy clinic again, however she doesn't think so - I think that means I may need surgery. She also said there would be two options if it is cancer, 1. Cone biopsy 2. Hysterectomy - however I want children if I can.

now I have to wait weeks, with a big black cloud hanging over me :(  

has this happened to anyone else before they even have the biopsy results. If it hasn't spread doesn't that mean it could be stage 1 maximum? 

Any advise would be appreciated.

Danielle xx

Hi Danielle I'm so sorry you're going through this and what an awful cloud to have hanging over you for the next few weeks. I really hope you don't have to wait long for your results. I know it's such an incredibly scary and daunting thing to be told but It's a very good thing that she said it hasn't spread and also that she thinks it will be treatable with surgery as this implies if there is anything it's still in early stages. I have just had a cone biopsy for stage 1 yesterday and this keeps your fertility in tact so I can certainly answer any questions you have about that if that ends up being the next step for you. I'm sure the uncertainty must be so horrible but it's good that she has prepared you for the fact that it could be cancer and has already mentioned some treatments so your not kept in the dark too much. We'll all be here with you through whatever your journey ends up being so keep posting and I wish you all the best with the results. Big hugs, stay strong and remember you're in good hands :) xxx

Thank you for your reply.

I just hope it passes quickly for me!

And I wish you a speedy recovery :)


Danielle xxx