Waiting on biopsy results x

Hello lovely people.

10th October I had a new coil fitted and smear done at the same time, 1st November I received a letter stating High grade cell changes but had to wait a week for the appt system to open.
They got me in for 3 days time so managed to get my colposcopy for 10th november.

Biopsy was taken and was told she is not expecting to see cc coming back on my biopsy but CIN3 as what was picked up on the smear. No treatment other than biopsy was performed and she said she will write to me in 4 weeks but I will defo need to get the nasty cells out.

Had a missed call from hospital last monday- no message. Nobody from the clinic etc could tell me who or why. No letter due to RM strikes (obv I was expecting the worst so just a full week of pure stress) til Monday they called again and it was the Dr who had performed my smear checking I had got a letter to go for a colposcopy. Why she could see that I needed one but not that I had been is beyond me :melting_face:

My question is- has anyone waited 4 weeks with severe cell changes for there results to come back? And how long was it after that for the treatment? I’m worrying about the mail strikes delaying it all. At the same time no news is good news.

I’m self employed so turning down work left right an centre for December where I am usually chocca because I don’t want to be refunding deposits if I need time off due to treatment. I know this is the least of my worries but its just another thing to add to the stress.

I’ve bled non-stop since probably a mix of new coil and biopsy so I am just feeling sorry for myself.

Thanks so much for reading. Feels nice to vent to people in the same situation. I feel like my friends and family, as amazing as they are- feel like i’m overreacting. I don’t think they know how to deal as I am usually the most level headed and chill out of us all xxxx


As an update to this I have since contacted my colposcopist who has said biopsy confirmed CIN3 and current timeframe is to be seen for treatment is within 12 weeks. This seems like a very long time to wait? Going wait fo my letter and look at going private x

Hi Don186,
I read that even CIN3 takes years rather than months to turn into cervical cancer, but perhaps ring Jo’s Trust helpline to double check that.

It might be a long wait for the treatment for CIN because I think sometimes it’s done under a general anaesthetic - but again your GP or Jo’s Trust or the colposcopy secretary should be able to confirm that.

Horrible for you to wait so long though, I think the waiting is the worst bit, but at least you’ll get rid of the dodgy cells in one go before they become cancerous.

I was told that a lot of bleeding after the biopsy could be an infection and that if it happened I’d need antibiotics from the GP by the way.


Hi Jen thanks for your reply,

I’d not had a smear for 13 years so that’s where the worry has stemmed from, we have no idea how long they’ve been there :white_heart:

To be honest, I’m very lucky in that I have private healthcare through my husbands work so I decided to book a consultation last month and surprisingly, she did the treatment and another colposcopy there and then!! I felt so reassured with this gynae, she was just brilliant.

I get the results this Friday but she’s pretty confident she got everything with the lletz, so even if the results are worse than the punch biopsy I don’t feel worried now they’re out. Obviously there are no guarantees but I’ve not had a call so no news is good news.

She has to take quite a large area so I have bled non stop to be honest, I think this is partially because I’ve had my coil out as well. Got to have it back in so got that to look forwards to :melting_face:

Hope you’re doing well xx

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Oh a huge relief for you to have had it done so quickly. Glad your gynae was brilliant with you, that must help too. CIN3 must be scary to handle, but it still isn’t cancer. Bleeding is grim, takes a while I think. Contact then and ask what to expect though?

My biopsy has taken five weeks for the watery discharge to clear up. (Think that was because she had to open up the cervix to hunt for the transformation zone)

Fingers crossed for you, sounds hopeful though x

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Yes definitely! Once I know the cells they got with this bigger biopsy that the punch couldn’t reach are only CIN3 I will be fine! I’ve kind of put it to the back of my mind now because I feel reassured that they are out and not getting worse! Just be a 6 month check up for the all clear hopefully! The bleeding is annoying. Only cause its been going on since 1st November when I had the first biopsy, grateful all the same! Give us a couple months and we will be right as rain I’m sure xx

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