Waiting on biopsy results and some weird symptoms

Hello everyone,

I had some back pain and told my Dr at my last check up. She said it was probably just radiotherapy side effects but that she'd send me for a scan to make sure.

I went for the scan and it confirmed that my back pain was just side effects (by the time I got them back it had started to go away on its own). Unfortunately the scan they took showed changes from my first post-treatment scan. They took me into day surgery to take some biopsies as they couldn't be sure that the changes were just scar tissue or a reoccurance. So I'm just waiting on these results, which has been made worst by the fact my brother in law has just been diagnosed with kidney cancer. :(

Also, have any of you who had Radio/chemo/brachy had any peeing problems? A few weeks ago I started peeing weird. Like it's coming out at high pressure, like when you put your thumb over the end of a hose - it can also be a bit nippy. I've also been getting a side stitch like cramp in my side if I try and do too much walking/bending.I told the nurses when I went in for my biopsy and they tested for infections but it was fine.

I vaguely remember a side effect being scar tissue and damage to the bladder, so I'm guessing it's that but I will be telling my Dr.

I hope everyone is well

Love Megsmaw xx

Hi Megsmaw :-)

I'm sorry but I can't answer any of your questions so I'm just sending you a great big hug :-)


Be lucky :-)

Thanks Tivoli!

Still no biopsy results yet. :/

Hi Megsmaw

So sorry but like Tivoli I can't answer any of your questions either but just wanted to send a big hug too and let you know I'm thinking of you.  It's that damn waiting game again!  Fingers crossed you hear very soon and that all is clear.  Keep us posted.

Big hugs


Thank you ladies!

I got my results back and everything is fine, it was just some inflammation from the radiotherapy! :D

Back to my normal check-up schedule, so my next one will be in september, although the peeing thing is the same. My results came by letter so it looks like I'll need to phone my Dr. up.



Megsmaw x

Great news!