Waiting on biopsy. How could I have a new strain of hpv?

On 12/31/17 I went in for my pap. A few days later I get the call that it came back abnormal and that I have high risk hpv. On 1/30/18 I went for my colposcopy. My doctor decided to do a biopsy because he was concerned about an area. I’m still waiting for those results. I have another issue. I’ve been married for 6 years. I had an abnormal pap along with hpv in 2011. In 2013 normal. In 2015 abnormal pap but no hpv. So how do I have high risk hpv again, is it possible that it’s become active again or that my husband has been unfaithful? Has anyone been through something similar? Is it possible for it to come back worse than the first time? Thanks ladies


Once you’ve had hpv it lies dormant in your system so it can come and go.

Good luck with the biopsy results.

Cara xxx