Waiting list for gynae

Hiya, its been a while since i last posted moved house since so very chaotic. 

Ive been have pelvic pain and mid cycle spottling light bleeding of brown blood for about 6 or 7 months now. I went to gp in may and he told me he sent referrals for ultrasound and colposcopy. Registered with new gp now and was told to chase up referrals turns out i was referred to gynae and the waiting list is 26 weeks which would give me an appointment in november roughly. My bleeding now although spotting or light is almost all cycle long now with just a cpl of days break here and there. Theres no way i can wait till then just to start finding out what is going on. Ive gotta go back to gp to tell him this and hopefully discuss getting something done sooner. My yearly smear was done today so thats something i suppose. I have since developed post coital pain and during too.


I have had mild cell changes and hpv positive previously which all cleared up finally last year after 4 years of biopsies every 6 months.


Im in south wales uk for anyone wondering. 

Thanks for listening/reading.....turned into a mini rant.


D x