Waiting laser excision results


Hi all,

this us the first time I post in here.

I had my smear in end of October and it showed low grade dyskariosis and high risk HPV.

Referred for colposcopy for January, the consultant took biopsies and said nothing concerning could been seen.

Biopsy showed CIN3 and had an apointment for LLETZ for end of February.

The LLETZ appointment started with another colposcopy where they saw changes on the vaginal wall. They didn’t perform the treatment, they took samples for biopsy from the vaginal wall and booked me for laser treatment (laser ablation for vagina and laser excision for cervix) on the 15th of March.

3 weeks have passed and I called the hospital for my results as I will be abroad for the following weeks. The nurse said that the report wasn’t ready as my samples were sent for further testing.

I am very worried since and fear for the worst. Did anyone have a similar experience while waiting for the results?


many thanks and sorry for the long post.


I am currently abroad and have now been waiting for over 4 weeks post Lettz and biopsy with severe dyskariosis and a lesion which was visible at colposcopy. I called 2 weeks ago and I was told that they'd usually have 8 pathologists but only have one....that's all well and good but when I'm sitting around waiting to find out if I have cervical cancer or not I don't care about who is off! So unreasuring!