Waiting is the WORST!

Good evening all! I am so happy that I found this site! 

Ok, so, I was diagnosed about 3 weeks ago with CIN3 with gland involvement and adenocacinoma in situ that extended to endocervical margins, with multifocal (skip) lesions noted. These results are from a LEEP that I had August 30th. I have a cold knife conization with endometrial sampling scheduled for October 12th. My gynocologist already told me that I have to have a hysterectomy but we do not know what kind yet since we will not know stage until after the cone.  I have done HOURS of research just to educate myself a bit. My gyno is the type of doctor that sugar coats things a bit so that her patients don't become scared. (until results are back that is) This bothers me. I want to know the what-ifs, the possibilities. I am trying to exercise whatever amount of control I can by preparing myself, I guess. Is there anyone out there share the same results? What do you think? 


Hi Michelle, 

I can't say that I share the same results, but I am currently in the midst of the waiting game just now too and just wanted to give you a nod of support. It's the worst. Like you say, it's also never nice getting things sugar coated either. Hope things went well with your appointment, and youre a little less in the dark now! 

S xx

Not much help as I only had my punch biopsy last week and was told I should get the results sometime this week, but every day feels like a week at the minute. I hope things went well for you x

Hope things went well. I'm waiting for my cone biopsy next week but have also been told it's likely just to be to confirm which hysterectomy to have.

I am absolutely drained by the waiting. Hope you pop on here and give us an update.

Have you gotten your results? I had the biopsy done exactly 2 weeks ago and the results are still not in :(