Waiting is getting me down

its been 2 weeks today since being diagnosed and I haven't had any tests yet. i have a CT on Friday and mri on Monday. Then I've the wait after that for results etc

Im so upset I can't sleep, can't eat and all I'm doing is crying. I'm so worried that the cancer will spread if I don't get tests done asap and get a plan in place ☹️ 


thats about normal,but once you have your scans things will start to move a lot quicker. It takes time for them to work out your treatment plan. Its easier said than done,but try and keep yourself busy to keep your mind occupied. 

I am sure many of the ladies here will tell you that this is a very slow growing cancer so its not going to get any worse in a few weeks. Just think,your Drs are in no rush so please dont worry. 

Tracey x


It's so horrible waiting isn't it - it's the absolute worst.

My mind was playing tricks on me during this period.

I know there is no way to properly take your mind off things, but I found going for walks and being active helped. Me and my mum actually walked 2 miles to the hospital to get results of my staging as we had so much nervous energy. And you know what I had some wine as well, I though s**f it - and that did help a bit too in the evenings!

Try to eat even if you don't feel like it, maybe a smoothie or something which could get some calories in you without it feeling like a heavy meal.

As BruceGirl says above, things will start to move and once you have your treatment plan it's something to focus on and plan for.

There don't tend to be drastic changes from the CT and MRI scans, mine was exactly what they thought it would be, but they need to check to make sure everything is in line and joins up.

Good luck, sending you positive vibes xxx

It was exactly the same for me. but rest assured that the scans confirmed I was the same stage they thought I was when I was told about the diagnosis. My husband kept saying try not to worry until they give you something to worry about. So I kept trying to push any negative thoughts out of my mind as soon as they entered. It did help. Xxx

thank you all for replying, you have made me feel so much better tonight, I have had some porridge to keep my strength up and I'm going to try some walking tomorrow I think xx

Hi deb

this is all totally normal and it can be so hard to stay strong when you haven't slept or feel consumed with crazy thoughts. Walks do help and staying busy is key but most important is sleep!!!

If you cannot sleep your brain cannot function normally and the mental and emotional break downs occur. Try a warm glass of milk before bed or some melatonin. If all fails and you still are not resting enough to stay emotionally ok then go and get something from your GP.  

I was so consumed with research that I was not able to sleep and I startef to fall apart. It's ok if you need something for this anxiety it's a very stressful experience. After I got something to help me I felt soooo much better. I never had needed anything before in my life but until I knew what I was facing I was unable to stay sane. 

Good luck with your tests  


Hi Deb

The waiting for staging is a nightmare but it really is necessary before treatmeant is planned. The diagnosis for me was the same as predicted before the scans. Once this is all done things move very quickly. I have just finished my chemotherapy and radiotherapy and just have my brachytherapy to go. The treatment goes so fast once you start. 

Good luck to you with your staging and ongoing journey,

take care


Hi Deb,

The waiting really is the worst, but like some of the others have said above, my staging didn't change after the scans, but that didn't stop me from worrying about it! Hopefully your scan results won't take too long to come through, and you can get a treatment plan sorted. Hugs to you

I'd been having discharge and bleeding and was referred for a colposcopy when the dr couldn't check my cervix due to so much bleeding. Biopsies taken and they said they could feel something. An ultrasound showed up something 5x4x3cm on my cervix. I had an emergency MRI on Tuesday and rge hospital have called this morning with an appt on Monday.

totally out of my mind with worry. The waiting is awful.

Hi all just a quick update, I called today to ask if they had any results yet and the nurse said she was just discussing my case and was going to call me today!

Its good news, the cancer has not spread anywhere no lymph nodes etc so I think still staged at 1a2 so I'm in on the 7th June to discuss my hysterectomy.

im not 2 happy about having one but I know to get rid of this horrid disease I need to. I'm absolutely petrified about a general anaesthetic, any one have any details about it or where can I look it up?


Aw Amanda the waiting is horrible. its the not knowing that's the worst bit. Sending you hugs xxxx

Aw Debz so glad you've got answers. I'm scheduled to have my radical hysterectomy with lymph node removal on Tuesday xxxx it's my last day in work tomorrow. mixed emotions xxxx I had to have a GA to have an EUA and like you I was scared. The hospital staff are lovely and really put you at ease. Because of this I have no worries the big op.  Hope all goes smoothly for you xxxxx

Great news for you Debz! I was terrified of having the general before my cone biopsy, but as Kezza said, the staff are lovely, and put you at ease, and then you're asleep, next thing you know you're awake and it's over.