waiting games sucks

Recently had a baby not been same since... i have been through hell since... after giving birth retained products where left inside me... after losin huge clots size of my hand n pulling out aminotic sac i was told my blood loss was normal what aload of shit i knew it wasnt normal... bk n forth at docs bleeding heavily when visiting my nephew i got kept in a scan showed retained products left inside and then again sent on my way with antibiotics... when my baby was 5 weeks old i haemorrhaged... n still after all that i get told my bleeding is normal... im now an absolute nervous wreck...still continous bleed 6 n half months later i went for cervical screening and it came back saying  HIGH GRADE DYSKARYOSIS n telling my i need to have a COLPOSCOPY EXAMINATION... iv miss the call of them trying to get me 6 times i was told they would ring today n iv waited by my phone n nothing... im goin out of my mind waiting... i just wanna know whats going on n whats got to be done to sort it!!! Its soooo frustrating i feel im goin insane :(