Waiting game..


I had my smear test (a year early) 4 weeks ago and was told results would be back in 3 weeks.

Has anyone else had to wait longer then told?


Try ringing your doctor they'll be able to let you know if the results are in. If they are they might be able to tell you them and If they're not you might get an idea of how much longer xxx

Hi Liddo,

you say your smear was a year early- was this at the doctors request? If it wasn't then it could be a case of the lab refusing to test if you are not due one?! Areas differ on result time- my area is 2 weeks and I've always been told to ring if I haven't heard anything after this time. 


The nurse asked for it to be done early.. :-) 

Just rang the surgery, apparently a few ladies have rang over the last few days asking about results so she thinks they are just running late with them. 


it's horrible waiting for results. Hopefully you won't have to wait too much longer. X

I didn't receive my smear results for almost 6 weeks. 

Smear was on 8th Feb, got results last Thursday.