Waiting Game...

New to this, but I decided that instead of waiting around in silence I would join this forum where I could read what other people have to say and be able to have some support.

I'm 20 years old and noticed that I started bleeding after intercourse, this had never happened with any other partner so went to the doctor to see whether she could decide what was going on, she did a test on me for STD's etc, all clear so she did an examination which she wasn't sure about so I got referred to the treatment centre in Nottingham

Booked my appointment which seemed like a world away and I wasn't sure whether to cancel it as I wasn't having the appointment anymore. My partner was less than helpful throughout all of this and didn't offer himself to come or didn't seem overly concerned about the whole thing. My best friend (also a guy) offered to come, I didn't tell my partner. Turns out he overslept anyway. 

I got there and wasn't really sure what was going to happen. No information had been given to me at all. I was called inside and interviewed by the consultant and then told me she was going to do an examination. I thought it would be similar to what they did at the doctors - how wrong I was. Turns out I was gonna have a colposcopy and I didn't even know so couldn't really prepare myself. Would have been nice to have someone there after all. She said after that there was some cells which she was unhappy with and so was going to remove some and get them tested.

She then explained that I would have to cough and she would get these cells out. The first one was relatively painless, the second hurt so so much and i felt them cut it off of my cervix. I was painful and I cried out. The nurses were lovely and kept me calm though even though I was chatting complete rubbish to them.

My boyfriend wasn't happy with me telling my best friend about it and said he wasn't comfortable with me telling people which was rich coming from him considering he didn't bother to take an interest. In a way it's made me begin to resent him for not caring enough.

Afterwards they gave me a sheet of paper and told me to sit down for a bit and then I could go. The sheet of paper said I had a biopsy, I didn't even know because i'm not educated on this sort of thing, it freaked me out completely because I thought it was just some sort of procedure. The sheet said they would write to me within 4 weeks. Only issue is that this was while im at uni so I've had to wait for my results while i'm at home so I can't even check my mail box Frown

I rang my doctors a few days before christmas exactly 3 and a half weeks after the biopsy and they hadn't had anything either. This wait is killing me. I told my mum and she hasn't been sleeping because she's been worried and that get's to me, if anything I just feel like a nuisance. The treatment centre said they couldn't tell me the results over the phone either.


Any advice?

Can anyone also tell me what sort of biopsy I had?


Sorry you're having to go through this and it's disappointing that your boyfriend is being so rubbish. It sounds like he doesn't understand how this is for you. I think plenty of us on this forum have had partners who've reacted in totally the wrong way when we need something very specific from them. Often they redeem themselves when they sort their heads out. However, I think he needs to know that this is a worrying time for you and that you are entitled to tell anyone you like about what is going on in your body. You need to get your support from somewhere! 

I can understand how horrendous it is waiting for results. My GP knew nothing until I told him my results. Your best bet would be to phone the colposcopy clinic and make sure they know how anxious you are. They usually have protocols that prevent them from giving the results over the phone but if you are persistent they might weaken! I was told my results over the phone because I was in holiday - I just needed to know.

You may well find there's nothing to worry about. They've probably just sent the cells off to see if there are any abnormalities which need to be treated. Please, please do not Google!! It really won't help. 

It must have felt unnerving suddenly having a colposcopy when you weren't prepared. Well done for being brave! If I were you I would call the clinic tomorrow. You are not a nuisance - just someone who deserves to know what's going on. If they won't tell you then can they confirm that the letter has gone out? When will they tell your GP? I hope you get some answers and I hope they are reassuring. Thinking of you and sending you hugs!

Kirsty x


Well done your Gp for sending you fot the appointment. The waiting is horrible but experience has shown that in the main bad news travels faster than good news. Fingers crossed it all comes back clear for you. X

After a punch biopsy your hospital clinic will have the results in a week to two.  They told me that's standard yet they don't write out till the next batch of letters go out for that clinic. If it's been two weeks call the colpscopy nurse and tell her you are worried.   Mine called me after 8 days and told me the results over the phone And told me they were on the computer as soon as the lab gets them looked at.  

at this point of not knowing the waiting can seem an eternity, it is the worst. Sometimes its actually easier to deal with the news good or bad rather than not knowing at all.    HUGS x

I'm kind of different than you in a way that I probably would have prefered not knowing I was having a colposcopy done because then you don't have the time to worry about that too.  I've probably had about 20 colposcopies done over my time and I find that bending my toes seems to help me focus on something else while it is being done. Sometimes they can be very painful as you have said, while other times it is not so bad.  Try not to scare yourself too much, these are very slow growing cells and chances are you can have the problem taken care in a simple procedure.  Keep positive and stay strong!  Us women get stronger with experience! :)