Waiting game!

Well I'm currently sat here in a hospital ward in a surgical gown and horrible surgical stockings waiting for my turn to go to theatre! I'm worried sick and can't keep my mind on anything else other than wot this THING is that growing inside my cervix! I've just seen the anaesthetist and the consultant who were lovely so I've just gotta wait my turn now! I'm aware that after this I'm gonna have another wait to get the results if the biopsies but I'll deal with that later on, just want to get this over with and get home to my hubby and children later on I hope! I hope all you ladies are ok xx

Best of luck, hope all goes well and you get back home quickly to your family. The waiting does suck but at least your in the system. Let us know how you get on xxx

Thanks chick, will do. X

Good luck - hope all goes well! x