Waiting game

Hi, I was diagnosed with cc last Wednesday 20th December. Am now waiting MRI, obviously with it being Christmas its all taking longer. it has really helped reading all the positive posts on here, it's been a hell of a week and definitely my worst Christmas ever!

I'm still trying to understand how my smear test 3 years ago was clear now this! I've had no symptoms whatsoever. But reading on here that this seems to be quite normal. 

Just looking really for women in the same position as me.. family are brilliant but I would really like to hear from ladies who understand what I am going through.

trying to be positive xx


2014 normal smear  

November 2017 severe dyskaryosis 

November 2017 Colposcopy and LLETZ treatment

December 2017 diagnosed cc

Hi Lynne 

I feel I was in a similar situation as you are finding yourself in.


I too had a normal result in 2014 and I did have a bit of spotting but not much. I mentioned this to the nurse doing my latest smear in April 17 results came back as precancerous cells so I had a lletz under GA in May 17. 

1 week later I was given the news that I had been dreading cc confirmed. I felt like I was waiting for weeks before I saw anyone after the initial diagnosis. When I eventually saw my consultant I was told my staging 3b and a grade 2. I couldn't understand this or get my head round it as my tumour was only 2cm with 1 5mm lymph node involved. 

I had 25 ebr managed 4/5 chemo and 3 brachytherapy. Was given the all clear November 17. So can only say it was all worth it  

Yourself will have good days and bad days just like I did as it's only a natural thing. It is very much doable and I wish you well on your journey.

My moto was staying positive and keeping strong.

Take care my lovely stay positive and keep strong xx

Hi Lynn 

im sorry to hear you have been diagnosed. Glad you have found us. 

Where you are right now in this whole journey is the hardest part. I know that it is all overwhelming and wish I could totally explain in a way that you would truly understand but please please listen when I say that you can get through this and be ok. 

When I was fist diagnosed someone told me that if you were going to get cancer that this is the cancer is to get. 

you are going to have a zillion questions in the next few weeks and we are all her for you. Please do avoid goggle as the info is very outdated and some of it even false. Come and ask here. 

Sending you a gigantic virtual hug

Hi Lynne, 

sending virtual bear hugs, I’m in the same boat, trying to be patient over holiday period and not freak out. Any suggestions yet in treatment plan? :)


I have just been diagnosed with cc and all I keep thinking is I’m going to die, I’ve just had a baby girl and every time I look at her I burst into tears. As it’s all my fault im 34 and had my first smear after my daughter was born, ( I was always too scared to go), I’m currently waiting on my mri scan to find out what stage I’m at but all I can see in my head is the little diagram on my notes which look as if the tumour covered half my cervix and the nurse that told me my ne s I feel as if she wasn’t telling me everythin. Sorry if I have went on a bit I’m just so scared that I’m not going to be here to see my daughter grow ☹️☹️☹️ I’m trying so hard to stay positive but the waiting is driving me mad xxx