Waiting game! Again!

I don' know if this is the correct forum but hopefully someone can give me some advice. In 2015 I found out I had S1 A1 cervical cancer and thankfully last year I got the all clear and was discharged from the hospital. I have had alot of issues again lately and I know something is wrong (I know my body) I have been to the doctors this morning and had swobs taken all.the doctor would say is my cervix is inflamed but she has referred me back to the hospital which has me very worried. Surley she would wait to get the results of the swobs if she wasn't worried??? Xx

I personally think it’s good your doctor has referred you back to the hospital. In my mind your GP isnt a specialist in this area of medicine so she is just getting someone at the hospital who is to give a second / better opinion. I don’t think it necessary means you have anything to worry about ........ but can be reassured by someone who is an expert in that field. 

I think it’s good that your GP is taking your concerns seriously and getting you checked out properly. Hopefully it will turn out to be nothing but a bit of inflammation but best to check. 


I know it is worrying for you but hopefully it will all be ok x