Waiting for surgery


Hi, I'm new on here but think it's a fantastic website, and I think will really help me get through tough times ahead. I am 42 and a mum of 3 my

youngest is 20months old and doctors seem to think I had the cancer before my pregnancy!

i have just been diagnosed with cervical cancer on 28/4/15 and was told it is stage 1b at the moment I'm waiting on my

MRI. I have had my PET scan on 07/05/15 waiting on results to see if spread, been told I need a Radical Hystorectomy, chemo and radiotherapy. Waiting to see surgeon. Think im over the shock

but it's so scary. 

Thanks ladies

lesley x

Hi Lesley,

I am also new on this site but am finding all the information very helpful and relevant.

You have been though a lot! I just wanted  to take a second to recognise how you must be feeling.. 

Some seem to cope better than others, I find it all very scary and my GP is hard work to say the least! 

Ive had a smear done recently for the first time in a long time..ive been stupid about attending, but lesson learnt.

My result was high grade dyskaryiosis and im now waiting for the colposcopy appointment, I only went for the test as I felt something

Was wrong, im 38 with 2  sons and should of known better, but hey cant change that now.

Im sure  your feeling rather anxious with the wait for surgery, I hope they dont keep you waiting too long ..


Sarah x x x 


Hi. What a horrible time for you I remember it well. it maybe that you don't need chemo and rad after surgery. They told me I woukd but I didn't in the end. The waiting is without a doubt the hardest thing of all. When is your mri booked for? Happy to answer any questions you might want to ask. 

Hi Sarah

Thanks for replying, I'm doing ok so far just trying to come to terms with it all. Thank God you got your smear done recently and didn't put it off any longer. I'm sure they will be able to treat the cells at colposcopy, I got LLetz and biopsies done under GA as I had CGIN meaning it was further up the cervix, harder to treat and detect. I hope you get seen at colposcopy soon and put your mind at rest. The waiting is really hard. Everyone says be positive but it's not that easy as you will know. Sending healing thoughts.

Lesley xx

Hi 365days,

Thanks for replying. It sounds like you have been through a lot! I will definitely read your blog. I got some positive news late on today,my GP called saying the PET result was back and looks like the cancer hasn't spread, I was so happy to hear that. I was told the MRI would be in next few weeks as they had to wait until inflammation went down in my cervix after LLETZ and biopsies done on 13/04/15. I have adenocarcinoma told it was glandular CGIN. I wanted to ask you how long you were in hospital for RH and what recovery period like, as I have my toddler to look after. I have 2 older girls 16 and 20 they will be great help along with my partner.

lesley xx

Hi Lesley,

Sorry you're having to go through this but really good news from the PET scan.

Tomorrow it'll be 5 months since my op. I had an abdominal RH with my ovaries out and a fair few lymph nodes taken. I was in hospital for about 5 days. The oncologist was aiming to get me out in 24 - 48 but I didn't cope very well post-operatively so they kept me in a few days.

When I got home I did a lot of lying around and sleeping for the first three weeks. I didn't even make myself a hot drink! It was kind of nice actually. As the parent of a toddler I don't imagine you get much down-time but I'm afraid you will have no choice after the op. Make the most of it! The leaflet I was given had some stuff about doing light housework after 3 weeks but I have to say I would not have felt up to that. I didn't vacuum for 12 weeks. Everyone's different and I have to admit my husband was pretty fantastic so I could avoid doing much more than weakly asking for the remote control to be passed to me. I know people who did too much too soon  and set their recovery back so do take it easy.

It sounds like you have good support around you which is brilliant. Take care and I hope it all gets sorted out soon.


Kirsty xx



Hey Kirsty, thank you so much for getting in touch, I really appreciate any help and advice. It's going to be hard not being able to look after my little girl but I've got great support As you say. One day at a time. When I was diagnosed she was all I was worrying about. I'm sure it will be tough but I'm so glad I registered on here the support and reassurance from all you lovely ladies will get me through this.

Lesley xx



Hi Lesley,

Glad you've found us but sorry about your circumstances. You seem to be taking it all in your stride so that's good. I just joined in here to say I had a rad hyst followed by chemo rads and brachy so it there's anything you want to know about any of those I am very happy to answer any questions.

Be lucky :-)


Hi. I think I was in hospital a week. Came out too early (because it was hell, geruatruc ward in January enough said) and was re admitted next day For another night. Of course everyone is different and even every RH is different. Mine took longer than surgeon predicted because of tumour location, and ended up being pretty tricky. Others will have a straightforward op and these will obviuoddly impact on recovery. I was pretty much useless for another week. I'm a single mum and my son went away to my mums for the 10 days u came out of hospital. I had a cleaner for about a month after, online shopping, etc etc. friends who have had hysterectomies will tell you their stories and you will have to remember that z radical is very different from s straight forward hysterectomy. 


My Top tips; ear phones (hospitals are noisy places and if you are stuck next to a pain in the a you can shut them out!) peppermint tea to ease wind, figs or similar to ease constipation, freezer full of ready meals for when you get out. Stock up now on stuff. Buy big pants. Buy pjs a size bigger, or leggings, so you are comfy while you are swollen. If you dye your own hair do it before I found holding arms above head really tiring. If you are jittery waiting take it out on cleaning the house. You won't feel like it or bs able to weiold a Hoover for a fair few weeks! 

Make sure you've got lots of vases! Or ask people not to bring you flowers and make a donation to Jo's instead ;) 


make sure your kids have clean sheets on your bed ready for you when you get home! 

Thats all I can think of for now! Btw I can spell but this site hates my phone. 

Hi 365days ; )

Thats great advice thank you so much, it's just not knowing what to expect, and the pain I'm going to face. I'm going to see the surgeon today so will probably find out what date I'm going for surgery, soon I hope, I just want it over with. i have low back pain and find it struggle lowering and lifting my toddler. Is back pain a symptom of CC ? 

Lesley x

Yes back pain can be s symptom of cc BUT back pain is very common, especially in mum's of toddlers. X