Waiting for staging

Hey everyone, I got diagnosed with cervical cancer on Tuesday and had an MRI done on Wednesday. I'm having a really hard time trusting anything my consultant tells me - I had my smear back in July and since then have had a colscopy, biopsy and LLETZ and at each stage have been continually told 'your fine, don't worry' and even received a letter stating that there were no signs of cancer. The consultant has told me that he 'thinks' it is a very small group of cells 0.1mm by 0.6mm but if that was the case why would I need an MRI and how can I trust them when they have lied to me for 6 months (I realise that wasn't there intention but it is how I feel) I'm now terrified that every ache or pain I have means the cancer has spread (not great as I'm only 3 weeks gone from my LLETZ so still getting twinges from that) How long did other people have to wait for staging confirmation? Does everyone else trust their doctors? Thanks Jo July - smear test - inconclusive results 26/09 - colscopy and biopsy - CIN I, II & III (letter specified no cancer) 18/11 - LLETZ to remove abnormal cells 06/12 - Cancer diagnosed 07/12 - MRI

I don't know if I can be much help but I'm kind of in a similar situation. I had a leep/cone on 11/29. on 12/2 I was told cc with 1.34 mm depth with clear margins. got referred to a oncologist and can't get in until Dec 23 :( I wasn't given any MRI or anything....nothing until I see the oncologist :( I wasn't given a stage either

Hey girls!

I understand what you are going through and how you feel as I was sort of in the same position as yourself. I started radiotherapy on the 1st of December and I wished I'd saved my energy rather than worrying about it. (yes easy to say I know!) but all that energy you are throwing into worrying and panicking, which I completely understand is needed now during my treatment. Tivoli and Lolli explained I would and I didn't stop worrying I didn't rest when my body had had enough. I'm glad it was caught so early,take each day as it comes don't plan or worry. And enjoy this time of year. And before you think "it's easy for me to say) it's not I have a Lil girl who knows I'm having treatment til the 12th of January. So all through the Xmas period. But I promised myself that I will make sure that she'll have the best damn Xmas ever!

Happy holidays and merry Christmas only 2 weeks left yay

Lots of lovand hugs


i haven't been diagnosed, i have my loop on Wednesday but I get what your saying about the letters. My smear came back severe, then the coloponoscopy biopsy came back as severe and they say on every letter dont worry but from what I seen on the screen of coloponoscopy and my google image search along with the woman saying i would avoid the gym for now, as I mentioned I go regularly it doesn't sound great. I just can't wait to have llettz get results and know where I stand. Your time scales of results have helped, so thanks and good luck to all of you with treatment. 

Your post has really helped because I kept thinking why do they say it's severe but keep putting about no cancer in letters. I get they try to keep people calm encase luckily it is nothing but I too feel like I'm being lied too. Lletz on Wednesday then wait for my results hopefully I'll finally have a true answer either way.

Doctors do not lie to you. If you do not understand what they are telling you you should ask them to explain. Severe changes are severe changes but they are not necessarily cancer.

Be lucky :-)