Waiting for stage - terrified

I have been through tests and a conozation where they found an adenocarcinoma tumour. They did scans to my pelvis and lungs and tomorrow i will have a diagnostic on how advanced the cancer is.
Im terrified because im convinced its going to be too late and I will die from this.
Since being diagnosed or after the surgery I have lower back pain and google says that this is a symptom that the cancer is spread through the pelvis, and i also have abdominal pain on my side where the liver is and my head is convinced im going to be stage 4 and will die within weeks and I dont know how to deal with this.
I got just married 6 months ago to the love of my life and thinking that our life together will be so short is unbearable.

Hi Judith.

I’m sorry to hear you are going through this. You’ve come to the right place for support. I know it’s hard but try to stay strong. The mind can tend to think the worst case scenario.
Thoughts and prayers for your appointment tomorrow. Please let us know how it goes xx

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You can get back pain etc from anxiety as well! Always think most likely scenario first. It’s natural to be anxious and therefore also almost inevitable that you are going to get symptoms from that. If you had an advanced tumour your symptoms would include a whole array of other things. Those tests are standard procedure and really just to confirm the best treatment for you. A treatment that is highly likely to be successful. Pamper yourself today and you are going to be just fine.


Thank you so so mich for your answer. It has given me some calm facing this big day. I hug you strong from here and hope for the best today.
I will com back with results this afternoon.

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Good luck!

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Hello lovely. Reading your post I can empathise with every single thought and feeling you are experiencing because I have been there. Any niggle and any pain you automatically go to the worst case scenario, you just have to think that whatever they tell you, you are strong enough to deal with it. Let us know your results :heart: sending you loads of strength! We’ve got this girl!

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Hello! First of all THANK YOU for your answers and support. It meant the world.
And also I have good news. Im diagnosed stage 1B, it is contained in the cervix and no signs of linfonodes affected, so next step is surgery. I will have a radical histerectomy keeping my ovaries and thats it apparently. Im a bit scared that some cells will stay somewhere and without chemo or radio the tumour will come back, but the doc said that the risk is really low in my case and this is the way to go. Its one of the most prestigious onco centers in Spain so i guess i have to just trust them?

This is amazing news Judith. I was stage 1B1 and had a radical hysterectomy but I opted for removal of my ovaries. I had no evidence of spread in my pathology following. Hope everything goes well :heart:

Brilliant news. The success rate is extremely high. You don’t need over treating. It’s unlikely to come back but if it did those treatments remain on the table for later.

Hi again and thank you.

Im an overthinker and of course in my head they will find positive linfonodes and i will die from this…

But for now I have a most urgent fear. The surgery. Is my life going to be much worse after a radical histerectomy? Hows the post op?

I have to decide if i enter or not a clinical study where i would have a chance to have a robot laparoscopic surgery. If i dont enter the study, then i will have open abdominal surgery. It all freaks me out. What do I do?
How can someone decide how to get surgery? I dont know! They say laparoscopic is better for the surgery itself cause robot is so precise blabla, and the study tries to demonstrate that relapse results are not worst with laparoscopic than open surgery. But the last study from 10 years ago the survival rate for the laparoscopic ones was 10% worst. Im a mess i am so scared

Only you can choose. Surgery is never fun but you will recover and go on to lead a normal life. No periods! Give yourself time. Picture yourself healthy and well again in the future. You are going to do just great.