waiting for second lot of biopsies

hi ladies just feeling bit low at the moment bit of background im 44 all smears up to date and clear apart from august i started to have heavy periods of flooding real bad and thats where my lower back pain started and ever since been spot bleeding anyway my smear was due in October thankfuly which to my suprise came back severe dyskarosis had letter same time for appt at colposcopy 2 weeks later. Had that done in November 15 said cervix looked healthy couldnt understand why my smear came back severe anyhow took biopsy 2 weeks later letter stated a warty abnormality which thinking is hpv as my consultant is old school with terminology and was to go back in 4 months time for smear and colposcopy. So i went for that on 23rd February 2016 and he said i couldnt be left as my smear said severe so he said they would perform a smear and if anything came back abnormal he would do colposocpy there and then so i goes into the room and a lady was there too with 2 nurses so im assuming his lady was to do my smear so she is looking and said to him she could see something i heard transformation zone and the nurses was then talking to me trying to take my mind off what they were saying so he said to her ok ill take a look with colposcopy this time it felt very uncomfortable now im assuming maybe they have seen something higher up as originally my cervix looked healthy and it felt like he was scraping so maybe he did ECC im not sure but he did punch biopsy aswell and said at the end it didnt look too nasty but i will definately need to come in and have it treated but needs to wait for biopsy result and would write to me in 2-3 weeks, im just so confused as why nothing was seen originally at first appointment and I ve rang hospital nothing has come back as yet but ive been bleeding heavy again and my lower back is really hurting had lot pressure feeling like someone was standing on my stomach its all down left side numbness in my arm even and left leg im so scared with worry sorry for the long post.

Hi there :slight_smile:

The transformation zone is the place just around the hole in the cervix. When there are changes and abnormalities, normally they start in the transformation zone.

In order to do a colposcopy, normally a contrast is used. It may be vinegar (abnormal cells turn pearl white in contact to vinegar). I think that may feel uncomfortable.

When abnormal tissue is found, the most frequent treatment is to remove it, even if it is not cancer.

Take care and good luck!