Waiting for second colposcopy.


hoping people can help put my mind at ease! I'm only 20 years old, so have never had a smear test yet. I only went to my GP as I was having discomfort down there. Following this I had another check and got referred to the hospital to have a colposcopy. 

The doctor that did this was so vague with me that I have very little idea what actually happened! He almost stopped after thinking eveything looked fine, but then seemed to find something right at the end. He then said he was going to do a biopsy, but I completely panicked (always had a massive needle phobia and I was by myself). He then said he would leave it and book me another appointment in 6 months time. But he also prescribed me something called Dermovate cream to use for 3 months. I was due to have my second colposcopy about a month ago, but couldn't make it and i'm still trying to get another appointment scheduled. 

Basically i'm absolutely terrified that it's going to turn out to be cervical cancer. But am I right in assuming that if it looked serious at the time they wouldn't have just sent me away for another 6 months to wait and see? 

Anyone had anything like this before and can give me any advice? 

Thank you!