Waiting for scan results

Hi everyone 


Just a quick question.. 

How long roughly did everyone wait for MRI results?

Feel like im making myself sick waiting on the phone to ring with badnews. 

Im also waiting to hear from the breast clinic for a scan there as i feel a hard mass in one of my breasts. 

Life is a big dread of news right now 

Thanks for reading 

M x

Hi, I think it probably varies depending on where you are, did they not give you any indication at your appointment? I would think 1-2 weeks. Try to stay positive, it's the waiting part that's the worst x

Thanks for replying. 

Had a call today to say they may need to do another scan. 

Does anyone know why this would be the case? 

Could mean several things. Maybe the scan they have is not clear enough, if you accidentally move the scans become grainy. It could be that they have found a suspect lymph node and need more info on that.


I had an MRI first, then a PET scan to rule out any spread to remote organs or lymphe nodes. It's not uncommon.


My MRI showed three suspect lymphe nodes, but the PET scan was clear, no lymph node involved according to the PET scan.