Waiting for results!!

Hi has anyone had there 6 month check up smear/colposcopy done at the hospital rather than the doctors? How long did it take you to get the results? The doctor said 2-3 weeks and it's only been 9 days but I was hoping they might be back a bit earlier. I had lletz 6 months ago but the doctor found more white patches at my check up (that's why he took punch biopsies not just a smear) so I'm getting really worried and impatient xx 

Hi Vicky,

i had punch biopsy taken at colposcopy and they took 18 days to get results (I rang and asked for them and the receptionist gave the results over the phone). X

Thanks for replying.

I'm hoping there not to much longer they say lletz is 95% effective so it was quite a shock when the doctor told me the abnormal cells had returned, I can't help thinking they missed something more serious last time xx 

Hi I've just had my results for my first lletz treatment today, my smear came back severe/cancer changes and my resulets today say the lletz had removed all abnormalties and I have to be seen in 6 months also, I'm so relieved but understand that these cells can still return if the hpv is still present, but at least we are being checked now, so many women like us before are not even aware they have these changing cells, hope all goes ok with your treatment and best wishes xx